Toope will be the first ever Vice-Chancellor at the University to communicate with students in such a direct and regular mannerUniversity of Cambridge

Following yesterday’s exam arrangement announcements, Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope has announced today that he will be sharing daily videos on YouTube. The vlogs will give advice and guidance on how to study for exams, in an academically rigorous way, while at home.

In an email sent to Varsity, Toope said that, following the positive response to a recent selfie-style video shared by the University on YouTube, he will be continuing to share regular videos focussing on productive ‘study with me’ sessions, his morning routine and skincare tips.

Inspired by the strong recent history of Cambridge ‘Study Tubers’, Toope will be guiding students through an unprecedented Easter term.

With many of the most well-known ‘studytubers’ of Cambridge currently away from the city, Toope told Varsity that he plans on creating some exclusive Easter term content. This includes how to take revision breaks by going on daily government-mandated walks to Grantchester and doing yoga by the river.


Mountain View

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Toope told Varsity that he wants to ensure students stay engaged with his vlogs so will be sure that each video is not overloaded with guidance. Instead, he will begin each by not announcing the revision schedule for the current video, but building suspense by letting students know that more advice and tips will be coming sometime later.

The announcements of these announcements will also be made available on a special section of the University website.

Looking further to engage with the performing arts, Toope is heavily considering taking up an offer from ADC Online to have his own weekly stand-up slot. The professor also disclosed that he is working with the ADC and Architecture Faculty to create a virtual theatre on Minecraft, as he enthused that individual colleges had begun to build their college walls on the gaming site.

Toope said he had been rigorously working to get his YouTube account up and ready, but that he is unlikely to be able to share tips and advice with students before the very last day of the month.

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