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Today, Trinity Hall announced that Vice-Master of the college, Nick Bampos, will offer his resignation to the Governing Body of the college next week.

The University has also confirmed to Varsity that Revd Canon Dr. Jeremy Morris has also temporarily stepped aside from his role on the University Council, following his decision on Friday to "voluntarily step back from duties as Master".

The University Council is the executive and policy-making body of the university. It is unclear whether Morris will be reinstated to the Council in the future and whether this decision was voluntary. Morris has been contacted for comment.

Nick Bampos’ resignation as Vice Master comes just one day after the women who brought forward the cases of misconduct called for the college to seek external management and supervision as an interim measure.

In full Trinity Hall on Nick Bampos' resignation

Following the decision of The Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Morris on 21st February to voluntarily step back from his duties as Master of Trinity Hall, the Vice Master is required to act as teh Master's deputy in College affairs, under College Statute 5.4.

An additional meeting of the Governing Body has been called for the week of 2nd March, at which Dr Bampos will offer to resign his position as Vice Master. The Governing Body will then seek to elect a new Vice Master to assume the duties of Acting Master in accordance with College Statutes and Ordinances, pending further investigation of events.

Dr Bampos said "I have made this decision as I am mindful of the current issues surrounding the College which will require careful leadership to resolve. Under the circumstances I do not feel that the best interests of the College will be served with me in the role."

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On Friday, it was announced that Morris was to temporarily withdraw from his college duties following mounting pressure from students and alumni due to his role in the mishandled complaints.

In a statement today, Trinity Hall said that under College Statute 5.4, Bampos would have been “required to act as the Master’s deputy in College affairs”. Instead, he is set to “offer to resign his position as Vice Master″ at a Governing Body meeting set to be held in the week of 2nd March.

The Governing Body will then elect a new Vice Master “to assume the duties of Acting Master in accordance with College Statutes and Ordinances, pending further investigation of events”.

According to an investigation conducted by Tortoise, Bampos chaired the Junior Members Committee (JMC) that dealt with two cases of sexual misconduct against another student.


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Trinity Hall Master and accused Fellow to stand down pending investigation

He reportedly allowed no opportunity for Dr Nicholas Guyatt, the tutor who initially handled the cases, or the two women who lodged the complaints, to respond to the defence from the accused student. 

Instead, the panel reportedly made the decision that there was not enough evidence to conclude that these acts had happened, and no action was taken.

The investigation also revealed that Bampos had proposed the reinstatement of disgraced former Fellow Peter Hutchinson under limited conditions.

The investigation also claimed that Bampos downplayed Hutchinson's behaviour as "misunderstanding" and "cultural issues", as witnesses told Tortoise.

Bampos has been contacted for comment.

In 2018 he was named by the University as a disability and wellbeing, as well as LGBT+ "champion". In his role as a champion, Bampos is described as "someone that people can contact for help, advice, or just a chat" as well as relaying concerns to key committees in the University. 

Bampos has been Vice-Master of Trinity Hall since 1st October 2017. Prior to this, he was Senior Tutor of the college for ten years from 2004, and has been a Fellow since 1999.

In response to the news, CUSU president Edward Parker Humphrey’s said, “This is good to see, but this case is about much more than individual failings. It is about an institution-wide failure to protect survivors and tackle sexual violence.”

“Colleges need to commit to a centralised, independent system for handling cases of sexual misconduct”