Tom Dorrington

Gonville and Caius English fellow, Dr Jason Scott-Warren, has been found guilty of disobeying a Section 14 order during the April Extinction Rebellion protests today at the City of London Magistrates Court.

Extinction Rebellion’s widespread demonstrations disrupted London for ten days in April last year, with over 1000 activists arrested for a range of public order offences.

Earlier this afternoon, Dr Jason Scott-Warren tweeted “And the verdict is ... GUILTY!! Our action was not reasonable because there are many other ways to take action on climate change eg through the ballot box! Fine of £800 and £380 court costs. (Don’t worry I can afford it and am proud to pay!) #ClimateEmergency #extinctionrebellion

Scott-Warren had tweeted on Wednesday that he was “Looking forward with trepidation to my trial at City of London Magistrates court tomorrow… Feeling sad, angry, nauseous, proud. The full emotional blancmange.”

Scott-Warren is a dedicated climate activist, notably having carried out a one-man protest at the BP garage in Elizabeth Way for around an hour at a time with an anti-BP sign earlier last year.

Speaking to Cambridgeshire Live in March last year after three months of the one-man protest, he said: “This protest is really about my irritation at the fact that a petrol station is so normal, part of the landscape - yet companies making profits out of fossil fuels are destroying the planet.

“I think there should be a government health warning on every petrol pump. I’m here being a little government health warning of my own.”


Mountain View

Extinction Rebellion holds Cambridge “Foodless Feast” as part of global hunger strike

In November 2019, more than 100 Extinction Rebellion protesters had charges against them dropped after the ban forbidding protest in London the month before was ruled unlawful.

Extinction Rebellion Cambridge and Extinction Rebellion Youth Cambridge have announced plans to block a road for a week from the 16th February, after being unsatisfied with the response to demands they issued to University of Cambridge, Cambridge City Council, and Cambridgeshire County Council.