Clare's fund is the first of its kind among Cambridge college JCRsLouis Ashworth

The Union of Clare Students have announced an annual budget of £150 for their new Gender Expression Fund.

Students can use to purchase items “including but not limited to binders, packers, concealing underwear, wigs, and breast forms”, and anything else that will make them “more comfortable with their gender presentation”.

The first of its kind among Cambridge college JCRs, the fund was set up following the successful implication of such schemes by Oxford college JCRs, including Keble, Wadham, St John’s, Regent’s Park, Exeter, Magdalen, St Catherine’s, St Hugh’s, New, St Peter’s, and Somerville.

A motion presented to the Union of Clare Students (UCS) in June noted that items of clothing specifically designed to help align one’s appearance with one’s gender identity are often expensive and “financially inaccessible”.


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It continued, “The Gender Expression Fund would show transgender and questioning students that Clare is a welcoming, supportive community which embodies the values of solidarity and respect, and where one is free to explore gender identity and expression.”

Practically, applications will be made to the UCS LGBT+ officer who will send anonymised receipts to the UCS treasurer, who will provide the LGBT+ officer with the funds to reimburse the student. There is a recommended maximum of £40 per student per year, though it is understood that this is subject to increase or decrease based on availability of funds and individual circumstances.

Students are assured that their “application will be treated in the strictest confidence”.