Could you be the next Editor of Varsity?

Applications are now open to become Editor of Varsity in Lent 2020. This is your chance to lead Cambridge’s biggest, best, and only independent student newspaper.

Applications can be made solo or as a pair. The successful candidate(s) will lead a large team, managing our website and producing nine of Varsity’s weekly print editions.

Candidates are expected to show a strong vision for the paper, and must demonstrate they have the skills required to run a successful Varsity team. Applicants will be expected to show a clear idea of how the paper should present itself to Cambridge students.

No prior experience at Varsity or any other student publication is required for the role, though successful candidates will be able to provide evidence of their ability to manage a large team.

You will take over as Editor during the winter vacation, running the paper in Lent term, and hand over to the Easter team after a final print edition at the beginning of Easter term.

Information about how to apply can be found here (PDF download). The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 17th November, with interviews intended to be held in the week beginning the 18th.

If you have any questions about the application, direct them to Catherine Lally, Varsity Society President, via

If you have questions about the role, you can direct them to Catherine Lally via the email listed above, or to the Michaelmas Editors, Stephanie Stacey and Maia Wyn Davies, via

Applications for other roles on the Lent team will open shortly after the Editor has been appointed.

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