Posters expressing solidarity with staff appeared this weekInes Letellier

Cambridge staff have voted to support strike action over planned increases to their pension contributions, and over pay and working conditions. 

Strikes are expected to start at some point between mid-November and the end of April next year.

At Cambridge, 57.42% of UCU members voted in the current ballots. Of those who voted, 80.94% voted in favour of strike action, and 19.04% voted against.

This support for strike action overwhelming surpassed the 50% threshold of ‘yes’ voters required for strikes to go ahead, and comfortably passes the 50% of UCU members required for the vote to be considered.

The ballots which opened in September closed yesterday, and two ballots were voted on. The first ballot demands higher pay and more equality for those who work in higher and further education, and the second rejects an increase in pension contributions.

Though nationally UCU are still waiting for results from four universities, currently the national voter turnout stands at 53%, with enough members voting for Strike Action to be considered.

According to the UCU website, based on the national results to far, “43 institutions could take strike action that would hit almost a million students (953,871)”.

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In response to the news, UCU general secretary Jo Grady said, “The results can only be interpreted as clear support for strike action over pensions, pay and working conditions. The ballots reflect just how unhappy and angry staff are at the state of higher education in the UK.”

In response to the news, Cambridge Defend Education posted on facebook, “Students are ready to stand with staff again in our collective fight against the marketisation of higher education”.

Earlier this month, CUSU also voted to support staff strikes.

This is a developing story, and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.