Members and supporters of J4MB, including leader Mike Buchanan, were 'milkshaked' in MayVarsity News

Content Note: This article contains references to violence and sexual assault, as well as references to attempts to discredit women who come forward after experiencing sexual assault

Two individuals have been fined, after members and supporters of the anti-feminist group Justice for Men and Boys (J4MB) were ‘milkshaked’ earlier this year.

Student activists are fundraising to support the two individuals, who, after J4MB reported the incident to the police, were asked were asked to pay a collective total of £150 in “damages to the victims”.

They were also asked to write a letter of apology.

In May, McDonalds’ milkshakes were thrown over members and supporters of J4MB, including leader Mike Buchanan, as the group met at The Regal prior to an event held at the Mill Lane lecture site, which saw significant student protest.

Earlier this year, ‘milkshaking’ – which consists of throwing a milkshake or similar liquid at a person – briefly became a popular form of political protest in the UK, used primarily against right-wing and far-right politicians and activists, including Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage.

The activist who ‘milkshaked’ Nigel Farage was charged with common assault and criminal damage.

Initially, J4MB’s event was set to be held at the Alison Richard building on the Sidgwick Site, but it was relocated after more than 500 staff and students signed an open letter calling on the University to cancel the event, or, failing that, move it to a non-departmental venue in order to allow individuals to choose whether or not to be present while the event was taking place. The open letter argued that J4MB’s ideas are at odds with the University’s core values, specifically that of “freedom from discrimination”.

J4MB shares anti-feminist events and articles on its website, including an article entitled “13 reasons women lie about being raped”, which was cited in the open letter as a justification for de-platforming the organisation.

Prior to the start of the group’s event, a few hours after the ‘milkshaking’, around 30 students linked arms outside the Mill Lane lecture theatres, blocking J4MB members and supporters from entering the building through the main entrance. After the group entered through a backdoor, the activists regrouped with a variety of noise-making devices, seeking to disrupt the event.

Some J4MB audience members attempted to break through the protestVarsity News

Speaking to Varsity, a student involved in the protest noted that, to the best of their knowledge, no action has been taken against a J4MB event attendee who protesters say physically assaulted students demonstrating outside the Mill Lane lecture theatres. They also emphasised that, despite great amounts of student outcry, the University has not publicly apologised for allowing the event to take place on their premises.

J4MB have denied that any of their members assaulted individuals during the protest, and have claimed that the protestors provoked and harassed their members and supporters, who were seeking to enter the building. Video footage has since emerged showing a student being pushed into a wall by an event attendee.


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J4MB leader doused in milkshake at Wetherspoons

Responding previously to condemnation of the decision to permit the event to take place, a spokesperson for the University said: “We respect the right to peaceful protest. However, the expression of controversial or unpopular views is not grounds for withdrawing permission for an event and Cambridge remains a place for passionate debate.”

Discussing the fundraiser to support the individuals who have been fined, the student said: “We put up the fundraiser to show solidarity, and to let people support activists that take action to kick misogynists and bigots off campus”.

Any extra funds raised will be donated to the Cambridge Disorientation Guide, a student-led initiative aiming to support activism, both within Cambridge and elsewhere.