Varsity puts student voices first.

At the paper, you’ll find students trying to understand our time here, sharing their experiences in a variety of creative forms. 

We’re looking for contributors to join a wide range of the paper’s sections. Whether it’s through writing, drawing, photography or videography - there’s a place for you to get involved. Above all, we champion diverse perspectives and outlooks on our University. So join us today, and help shape the conversation.

Below is the list of roles we’re recruiting for, along with information on how to apply. Have any questions about the roles? Pop an email to Isobel Bickersteth at Applications should be sent to by 5pm, Friday 19th April. 


Columnists have a unique opportunity to shed light on a particular topic of their choosing which is relevant to Cambridge readers. As a columnist, you’ll work closely with a dedicated section editor to write articles on a weekly basis for the paper's print edition. Throughout the term, you'll have the chance to examine an issue you're passionate about in depth, and have the freedom to create a column which reflects your own views, identity, and life experience.

We’re interested in columnist applications for all sections of the paper – don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Think about issues that continue to affect Cambridge, especially ones which you think are underdeveloped or ignored in student writing and discussion. What do you want to see talked about here? What are you passionate about? You could write about your experiences with mental health; navigate your efforts for self-care during the term; or discuss your struggles with identity. This term, we’re also placing an emphasis on the impact university has on students. How has Cambridge changed you as a person? Finalists, what reflections would you make about your time here?

In Vulture, our magazine, we’re looking for columnists to share their creative interests. How do you use art to explore your identity? What does culture mean to you? Tell us about your favourite musical or fashion memories, or the films and plays which have shaped you as a person. Or alternatively, get political - how can art be radical? You could explore access issues within the arts, especially within the Cambridge context. Columns don't have to be written - you could use photojournalism to share your experiences at Cambridge, or to explore the university's dynamic creative scene.

We’re also seeking columnists who are interested in writing specifically about student welfare at Cambridge, as well as students exploring their identities outside of the student bubble. In Lifestyle, we’re looking for a health & fitness columnist, as well as columnists exploring sex and relationships. We’re also looking for satire about Cambridge culture for our blog Violet. Across all sections, we are keen to see a diverse range of identities, backgrounds and ideas.

Applicants should demonstrate a close engagement with their chosen focus and a passion for conveying their perspective to others, either through writing, visuals, or a combination of both.

To apply: Send a pitch, including the proposed number of articles, (300 words maximum), a sample column (800 words maximum) and ideas for three further columns.

Senior News Correspondents

The Varsity news team plays an essential role in Cambridge, providing timely, objective, and incisive reporting on stories relevant to its readers. Our coverage, both in breaking news published online and in the weekly print edition's largest section, serves not only to inform Varsity readers, but to hold institutions in the city to account.

As senior news correspondent, you will be at the heart of Varsity’s busiest section. You’ll learn how to write news articles, conduct interviews and fact-check information, and have the opportunity to cover some of the most exciting events of the term. You’ll explore the ins and outs of Cambridge life, joining a team of committed reporters and editors to work on in-depth investigations, breaking news coverage and more.

No experience is required – only a passion for, and commitment to, reporting on news in Cambridge.

To apply: Explain why you want to be involved in the News team and detail any relevant experience (no more than 300 words). Please also provide a critique of both this article and one other recent Varsity News article of your choice (no more than 300 words for each).

Staff Opinion Writers

There’s a lot to discuss in Cambridge, and we’re committed to placing student perspectives at the centre of the conversation. This term, we’re upping the focus with a new team of staff opinion writers.

As a staff opinion writer at Varsity, you’ll write consistently on an array of issues dominating Cambridge. You’ll attend weekly meetings, pitch ideas and join a team of dedicated editors and contributors committed to thinking critically about ongoing events. Unlike columnists who may hone in on a specific topic, staff opinion writers should be open to writing on a diverse range of issues, and be able to respond dynamically to breaking news as it occurs.

Applicants should demonstrate close engagement with issues at the heart of life in Cambridge, as well as an interesting, considered perspective on them.

To apply: Tell us why you want to be a staff writer, and which areas and issues in Cambridge life you’re particularly well-versed in, providing evidence of this familiarity (400 words maximum). Also send: a sample piece (800 words maximum); and ideas for three further pieces, each on a different topic, including the angle and how you would argue it.

Staff Science Writers

In Cambridge, we have a vast scientific community at our fingertips, teeming with new research and issues to explore.

Next term, Varsity is making further efforts to push the Science section towards being a hub for conversation about science in Cambridge, with a new team of staff science writers.

As a staff science writer at Varsity, you’ll get the chance to engage with researchers about their work, report on crucial scientific developments in Cambridge, and write features about the culture amongst Cambridge scientists. You’ll attend weekly meetings, pitch ideas and join a team of dedicated editors and contributors committed to exploring research in Cambridge.

Applicants should demonstrate a close interest in pushing conversations about research in Cambridge, and the social aspects of being a researcher in Cambridge, including issues such as being a woman in STEM.

No experience is required – only a passion for, and commitment to, science in Cambridge.

To apply: Tell us why you want to be a staff writer, and which areas and issues in research you’re particularly well-versed in, providing evidence of this familiarity (400 words maximum). Also send: a sample piece (800 words maximum); and ideas for three further pieces, each on a different topic, including the angle and how you would argue it.

Sport Reporters

Sport reporters attend matches and write up reports. A willingness to embrace all kinds of sport is needed, as well as strong writing skills which enable you to deliver entertaining and informative commentary on matches. As the number of sports matches played decreases in Easter term, this role presents a flexible opportunity to get involved in sports journalism.

To apply: explain why you want to be involved in the Sport team and give details of any relevant experience (300 words maximum), and provide a critique of a recent article from the Sport section (300 words maximum). Please mention if you have any experience with photography, though this is by no means essential.

Theatre Reviewers

Theatre reviewers attend Cambridge’s shows and tell our readers all about them. With the huge array of talent frequenting the stages of Cambridge, there’s no better place to be a reviewer. Theatre reviewers will continue to write for the paper anonymously in Michaelmas Term; if selected, you will be given the opportunity to sign up to review shows, and your name will be listed on our website as one of Varsity’s reviewers. We’re particularly looking for people with experience of being involved in or writing about theatre for this role.

To apply: Explain why you want to write Theatre reviews and any relevant experience you have (300 words maximum), and provide a critique of a recent review (300 words maximum).

Violet Writers

Violet is Varsity’s light-hearted and entertaining blog, a place to cover funny news stories, provide humorous takes on current affairs and tell personal stories. We’re looking to grow the Violet team this term, and need some talented people to take it forward.

If you're interested in writing comedic or satirical takes on student life, including responding to the latest news, apply to be a staff writer for Violet. You'll get the opportunity to cover commissions and develop your own content ideas. If you think you can write in a witty, lighthearted and engaging style, we would love to hear from you.

To apply: Explain why you want to be involved in Violet (200 words maximum), provide a sample article for the section (600 words maximum), and send us a link to any of your previous writing (none required).

Staff Illustrators

Varsity relies on a strong, dynamic visual presence. As a staff illustrator, you’ll have the chance to be at the forefront of that change, joining a creative space where you’ll be encouraged to experiment, and creating art that speaks to student perspectives. Whether you are an artist, graphics designer or cartoonist, we’d love to hear from you.

To apply: Please provide details of any skills and experience you have (including a link to your portfolio if possible).

Podcast producer

Switchboard is Varsity’s podcast. Its producer will need to be organised and creative and understanding of the demands of a broadcast platform. Your role will include both researching and presenting the podcast, with an eye for engaging and exciting stories around Cambridge.

To apply: please provide: ● A vision statement for Switchboard, explaining the kind of content you would like to provide and any thoughts on tone, image and branding (500 words maximum). ● An outline for a 30 minute show. ● An explanation of any experience you have for the role, why you think you would be suitable, and why you want to do it.

Photography Team

Our photography team keeps the newspaper looking fresh and vibrant with new and original photographic content, particularly the News and Sport sections. As a staff photographer, you will work with the photography editor and receive training, and will also have the chance to pursue the creative projects you are interested in.

To apply: Please send an informal email outlining any skills and experience you have (attaching images you have taken, or including a link to your portfolio if possible).

Video Team

The video team will be responsible for creating the content which the head of video proposes, as well as coming up with their own ideas about exciting video opportunities. We’re looking for people to shoot, edit and present Varsity’s video output. You are welcome to apply to any one or selection of these roles, and Varsity will be able to provide opportunities to expand and develop your skills. We're also recruiting for a Head of Video, who will be responsible for organising the team and managing content.

To apply:

● An explanation of the role you would like to have within the video team, as well as details of any skills, equipment and software you currently have.

● An explanation of any experience you have of working with video, including a link to any examples (none required). Additionally, three suggestions for video content you’d like to see in Lent term, or ideas for a running series

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