Students criticised their college's response to Dr Gopal's allegationsLouis Ashworth

English students at King’s have released an open letter in support of Dr Priyamvada Gopal, who announced on Twitter on Monday that she would stop supervising students at the College due to alleged experiences of “racist profiling and aggression by porters”.

The letter was signed by 13 students, and expressed solidarity with Dr Gopal “regarding her stand against racial bias experienced when entering King’s".

On Monday, Gopal claimed on Twitter that the College’s porters had “consistently” displayed racial profiling and aggression towards her, and that, after 17 years of consideration, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

The College released a statement on Wednesday following Dr Gopal’s tweets, stating they had “found no wrongdoing” toward her.

They added: “Every visitor was asked to show their card during the course of that day, as the College was closed to everyone except King’s members. Non-members such as Dr Gopal were asked to take alternatives routes, around the College. This was a matter of procedure, not discrimination.

“King’s College is a rich and diverse community, and take the wellbeing of its students and staff extremely seriously. We remain committed to being an inclusive and welcoming environment in which to work and study.

“We categorically deny that the incident referred to was in any way racist.”


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In their open letter, students wrote that they saw the College’s “categorical denial of wrongdoing” as a “refusal to listen to the voices and experiences of people of colour”.

As a “progressive” College, King’s should “reconsider its response” to Gopal’s accusations and actions if it wishers to “uphold this reputation”, they wrote.

Dr Gopal has since tweeted about the open letter. She said: “Makes me sad to read this extraordinary statement from the very students who are directly affected by my withdrawal of labour from King’s; it breaks my heart to have had to do this. Thank you for your decency & for holding your college to account: you rock.”

Varsity has contacted King’s and the Directors of Studies for English at the College for comment.

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