Students gather on Jesus Green for Caesarian Sunday last year, a day when many drinking societies hold initiation ritualsCaitlin Smith

In recent days, a series of posts on social media have made allegations about the behaviour of some Cambridge drinking societies and their members.

Since Friday, the Facebook page Grudgebridge has been posting anonymous allegations, many of which contain reports of bullying, exclusionary behaviour, sexual harassment and abuse. Following the page’s release of a video showing the Trinity Hall Crescents mocking “inclusivity”, the society has announced plans to disband.

Both senior University officials and CUSU denounced drinking society culture yesterday.

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Varsity is looking to investigate serious allegations made about drinking societies by surveying people’s experiences. There is a Google form below which you can use to share your stories. Submissions will inform our investigations into drinking societies, as well as the procedures of the University and its colleges.

If you wish to share your experiences anonymously, please select the appropriate options in the form below. Submissions will be exclusively accessed and read by the following team members only: Jack Conway (Investigations Editor, Christ’s), Oliver Guest (Investigations Editor, Queens’), Aoife Hogan (Associate Editor, St John’s), Caitlin Smith (Associate Editor, Downing), Todd Gillespie (Deputy Editor, Jesus) and Anna Jennings (Editor, Clare). This group of people will not share your identity or any other details with the rest of the Varsity team. 

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