CUSU has delayed the announcement of the President of the Graduate Union, due to disciplinary measures ongoing pertaining to “at least one candidate”.

In a brief statement prior to the announcement of results, CUSU Elections Committee (EC) Chair Sam Longton announced that a result would not be declared this evening, while the Committee investigated possible breaches of election rules.

An outcome from the disciplinary procedure is expected on Sunday, at which point an outcome may be declared.

In a fuller statement released after the announcements, EC said: “The CUSU/GU Elections Committee has determined that the election result for the position of GU President cannot be declared at this time. Elections disciplinary investigations relating to at least one candidate for this position must be completed before the results can be declared. The Elections Committee have not seen the results of that election and have taken steps to ensure that they will not be publicised. A full statement will be issued alongside the judgment of the Elections Committee which we do not expect to reach until Sunday. We have no further comment on that at this time.”

The latest controversy in the Graduate Union Presidency battle follows a series of breaches of Election Committee rules, which saw both Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar and Joe Cotton called in for meetings with the Committee.

Guha Majumdar’s campaign was judged to have violated point 3.1 of CUSU’s election rules, which prohibits “the defacing or removal of other candidate’s materials”.

Cotton meanwhile received a formal warning after a post from Wolfson College communications stated a “clear preference” for his candidacy – promoting the elections, but only naming him.

Earlier today, Guillermo Íñiguez of CUSU's Elections Committee told Varsity that the Committee was “confident that it will not find further disruptions as a result of the post”, and as such it would not need to take further action.

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