The Fez Club, in Market PassageLouis Ashworth

Students have been alerted to stay ‘on guard’ after series of possible drink spikings at the nightclub Fez.

Two incidents of drink-spiking have been reported in the last three weeks, with a third suspected to have taken place over the past weekend.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “We have been contacted about two incidents at Fez nightclub in Market Passage in the last few weeks where victims believed their drink had been spiked.

“The first incident occurred on 19 January and the second on 16 February. Neither victims believed any further offences occurred after the incidents.”

“Irrespective of what venue you attend, we would encourage people not to leave drinks unattended and advise against accepting them from strangers,” the spokesperson added.

On the morning of 8th of February, King’s College head porter Neil Seabridge sent an e-mail cautioning the College’s student body that there have been reports from students of drinks being spiked.

At that point, no connection was made to Fez, and only general precaution was advised. However, this morning a further email to King’s students noted that a third incident involving the club is suspected to have taken place this past weekend.

Seabridge told students: “The common link is the Fez club. The police have been advised. Although the apparent link is the Fez, I would feel confident in believing that given 3 incidents in 3 weeks, the people doing this will be acting in other licensed premises…so please don’t drop your guard.”

Fez did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Each of the three victims have been female, with Seabridge recording their comments that their experiences were different from being drunk, and they were unable to recall four to five hours of their evening.

Only King’s students have made reports so far but it is suspected that they are not in isolation. Staff at Clare and Magdalene have also today advised students to take care with their drinks during nights out.

Further information about drink spiking may be found here.