Last year's June Event was themed 'Mind's Eye'Trinity Hall June Event

Trinity Hall June Event announced it was in ‘crisis’ today, with the event set to be cancelled by the college if it fails to sell 390 tickets in the next ten days.

The June Event committee said on Facebook earlier today, “We've planned an event so bold that unless we hit our ticket target by the Fifth of February College will pull the plug.”

Varsity understands that the ticket target was set by the college following poor ticket sales at last year’s June Event, themed ‘Mind’s Eye’.


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June Event Review: Trinity Hall

The announcement has come after the committee faced accusations of religious misrepresentation earlier this week. On Monday, a student – Georgia Humphrey – at Christ’s College accused the committee of misrepresenting her Wiccan religion, a branch of paganism that celebrates the solstices. The committee responded to Humphrey’s claims on Friday, denying any intention to appropriate her religion.

The event is set to be held on June 20th this year, with tickets currently priced at £85 for a standard ticket, and £95 for one with queue jumps.

On its Facebook page, the committee wrote: “If 390 People Buy a Ticket By Monday [Next] Week, the Twentieth of June is Gonna Be Huge. They said it couldn't be done. Don't let us down.”

The June Event committee declined to comment.