The video will be formally screened tonight, at the CUSU Women's Campaign launch of 'Breaking the Silence'The University of Cambridge

Newnham alumna and Oscar-winning actor Emma Thompson today gave her support to the University of Cambridge’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ campaign, supporting the university’s zero-tolerance stance on harassment and sexual misconduct.

Speaking in an official video on the university’s social media accounts, Thompson asserts, “This is all about the issue of consent and all you need to know, anybody needs to know, is if consent is there then that’s fine.

“If you’re not sure whether it’s there or not, then it’s not fine. It’s as simple as that.”

“I am speaking to you to support this new initiative called Breaking the Silence about sexual harassment in word and deed which, as we know and have been hearing about, is incredibly common and as all women know happens in every walk of life, particularly in mine, but actually everywhere.”

She urges viewers to be aware of what is and is not full consent, adding: “You guys need to talk about that, and also speak up when you see someone else doing it or you suspect that someone else is doing it.


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Centralised support offered for victims of sexual assault and harassment

“And we also just need to keep talking to each other about where all this is coming from.”

The film will be screened tonight at the Cambridge University Students’ Union Women’s Campaign launch of Breaking the Silence, to be held at Keynes Hall, King’s College from 6.30-8pm, today, Thursday 26 October. The campaign was formally launched on Tuesday, with the release of a film, and a website, which collates existing policies and channels for help with new initiatives to be rolled out later this term.

Breaking the Silence marks the first decisive action by the University to simplify the routes for staff and students to seek help and information. It is also the first major campaign under the tenure of new University Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope