The man peacefully left the college before the police arrivedMichaela Hine

Students were told to avoid a man lying on the lawn of Selwyn’s Old Court today, with porters calling the police.

The man, who was dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, arrived just before 12:30pm, students said. He lay down on the lawn and appeared to be resting his head on a backpack.

The only people permitted to walk on the lawn are the college’s master; its fellows; and the college’s ‘cat’, YoYo, which is actually a dog.

In an email to all staff and students at 12:30pm, head porter Helen Stephens said “Please avoid approaching the man lying on the lawn of [Old Court]. The police have been called. I will update you later”.

The man left shortly before 13:30pm. A Selwyn porter told Varsity the man seemed “confused”.

“He seemed to be looking for Christ Church, which is of course in Oxford,” the porter said.

The man left peacefully before the police could arrive.