The statement was issued by a number of societies catering for European nationalsComposite: Sam Harrison

Fourteen student-led societies from the University of Cambridge have issued a joint statement condemning two anti-Semitic incidents which recently took place in Cambridge.

The discoveries of a numbers of flyers supporting Holocaust denier David Irving on the Sidgwick lecture site and of two swastika symbols drawn on a map on Jesus Green were reported on Sunday.

The flyers, which called “key elements of the official version” of the Holocaust “demonstrably false”, were found under windscreens of cars on the site. Others were discovered as far afield as Parker’s Piece.

A picture of the flyers was tweeted by Dr Edward Anderson, a research fellow

The following day, swastikas were found drawn on a map on Jesus Green. A Cambridge student called the police via a non-emergency line, and an officer is reported to have been sent to the scene.

The statement is signed by the Austrian, Belgian, European, French, German, Hellenic, Hungarian, Irish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Scandinavian Societies, as well as Cambridge University Students from Luxembourg.

It reads, “Due to recent incidents in Cambridge we feel the need to express our commitment to key values that in any other year would be considered a given. We cannot remain silent, as silence might be interpreted as tacit approval.

The statement goes on to express solidarity with “fellow students who have been victims of violence and harassment and join the Cambridge University Jewish Society in condemning all forms of anti-Semitism and further condemn all instances of Holocaust denial, swastika symbols, anti-Semitic assaults or hate speech on our campus.”

The statement calls upon “the University and its Colleges to investigate all instances of violence on campus and ensure that future incidents do not occur.

“Each of the aforementioned incidents represents an affront to the fundamental principles of the student body.”

It concludes: “The signatories of this statement hereby condemn any harassment, any exclusion, any denial of human rights and any form of Holocaust denial.”