The fire was located in a kitchen on the college’s Wychfield siteLucy Holland

A second-year undergraduate at Trinity Hall has suffered burns to their forehead and hand after a pan in which they were deep-frying some food began to smoke heavily.

As windows and doors in the accommodation block were kept shut, the fire alarm went off repeatedly as the smoke failed to dissipate. The use of deep fat fryers in kitchens is against the college’s health and safety regulations.

The incident occurred on the college’s Wychfield site, on a top floor of the high-end New Build accommodation block. The fire was extinguished independently, without the attendance of emergency services.

Damage caused to the building includes windows being pushed out of frames due to a build up of pressure, and damage to roof tiles, with some appearing to have detached entirely. The student was also treated independently and will suffer no lasting injuries. Work to restore the accommodation block began this morning, although the student in question may be asked to pay the college for the cost of repairs.

The College is yet to comment on the incident.