An air ambulance on Jesus GreenLouis Ashworth

A student has been accidentally set on fire on Jesus Green during Caesarian Sunday revelries.

The unconfirmed reports say that a male first year from Sidney Sussex College was set on fire, after dressing up in cotton wool as part of an initiation ceremony for a drinking society.

Varsity understands that two other students were also injured when they attempted to pull the cotton wool off him, burning their hands.

Varsity journalists present on the scene reported seeing the student walking away from a river area on the edge of Jesus Green, at which point he appeared to pass out. 

The source of the fire remains unknown, with eyewitnesses at the scene reporting that there were sparklers and people smoking nearby.

Paramedics make their way to the injured studentLouis Ashworth

After the student’s costume caught alight, eyewitnesses told Varsity companions attempted to pat him down.

Shortly afterwards, he appeared to pass out. Police and paramedics sat him down on a bench when they arrived, and he was given treatment and wraps for his arms before he was taken away in an ambulance. He appeared to be holding conversations with the paramedics without any problems.

The incident occurred at around 3pm.

Simultaneously, an air ambulance arrived at the scene, which was used to take away another student. Police officers at the scene told Varsity the student appeared to have passed out from drinking.

There have also been reports that a student broke their arm after falling out of a shopping trolley.