Peterhouse have won the 45th series of the TV quiz University Challenge with an emphatic victory over St John's Oxford.

The Peterhouse team, made up of history PhD student captain Hannah Woods, geologist Oscar Powell, historian Julian Sutcliffe and historian Thomas Langley, hardly set a foot wrong in the final, with their answers ranging from fine art to prime number years.

The Oxford team of historian and linguist captain Angus Russell, theologian Charlie Clegg, chemist Dan Sowood and historian Alex Harries took more than ten minutes to answer a single starter question correctly.

By a third of the way into the match, Peterhouse had established a strong lead of 95 to John's' -5.

They continued to dominate throughout, demonstrating particularly extensive knowledge of History and Geography. 

Oscar Powell continued his impressive record of answering starter questions, getting 7 right throughout the programme. 

Despite getting some starter questions, John's weren't able to offer any real challenge to Peterhouse, and the final scores were 215 to 30. 215 was Peterhouse's highest score throughout the series. 

Marcus du Sautoy, a University of Oxford Professor of Mathematics, presented the trophy to the victorious Peterhouse team.

This is the first time a university has won the show three years running, after victories for Trinity College in 2014 and Gonville and Caius in 2015, the latter of which made a "cult hero" of Ted Loveday and his hair.

Contestant attributes that gained particular social media attention this year included Woods' arched eyebrow, which has spawned at least two parody Twitter accounts, and Powell's expressions when answering questions, which led host Paxman to quip he should consider a career in stand-up comedy.

Caius did not qualify to be one of Cambridge's five representative colleges for this year's series, instead being replaced by Christ's, Sidney Sussex, St. Catharine's and Clare. Only St. Catz made it to the quarter finals.

28 teams took part in this series. Peterhouse had a clear run to tonight's match, winning all five of their contests on the way to the final.

After a close first-round match against the University of Glasgow, winning 185-155, Peterhouse won an emphatic victory over St George's, University of London 195-90 before facing the University of York in the quarter-finals. 

Their biggest challenge came from the University of York, whom they narrowly beat 185-165 in the quarter finals before a more comfortable 145-100 victory against the university in the first semi-final two weeks ago.

St John's, however, had not been so lucky, losing 150-195 to Peterhouse in their first quarter final match on 22nd February. 

John's, however, were the consistently higher scoring team throughout the series, but were unable to replicate their success in the final.