You can listen to the star-studded lineups of May Week 2024 without ever setting foot in a ballJimmy Shixin with permission for Varsity

Cambridge’s May Week attracts intrigue for many a reason: the extravagant settings, the endless booze, the extortionate pricing. But none quite compare to the buzz of the headline performers. This year’s lineup is as promising as ever, with acts ranging from Tinie Tempah to The Last Dinner Party, and the lucky attendees will get the chance to see some stellar musicians. But what about those without a fairy godmother to whisk them away to the ball? Well, luckily for us, sound cannot be trapped within the confines of a single college. Here’s where you can listen to some of the star-studded lineup without ever setting foot in a ball.

Homerton May Ball - The Last Dinner Party

  • Friday 14th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Nothing Matters’, ‘Sinner’, ‘Caesar on a TV Screen’
  • Where to listen: Harrison Drive

Taking the UK by storm with their debut album Prelude to Ecstasy, this group is certainly one to keep an eye on. It’s an almost comical metaphor to listen to their performance from the road which divides the lavish ball and the education department. Yet this location perfectly captures the spirit of May Week and could be the ideal spot for hearing the decadent performance The Last Dinner Party promises.

Robinson May Ball - DJ Pied Piper

  • Friday 14th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Do You Really Like It? ’, ‘Sunshine’
  • Where to listen: the back of the UL
Ella Eyre was kept a closely guarded secret until the week before Trinity May BallRalph PH / Wikimedia Commons (resized) /

With hit song ‘Do You Really Like It? ’ being sampled across garage and club music, its hook will likely be heard floating over the University Library’s car park (or at least Grange Road). Just be sure to stay vigilant around oncoming traffic. You wouldn’t “really like” getting run over!

Sidney Sussex May Ball - milk.

  • Saturday 15th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Drama Queen’, ‘Don’t Miss It.’
  • Where to listen: Mainsbury’s

This alternative pop band hails from Dublin and promises upbeat tunes that will have you dancing in the street. If you’re missing out on milk.’s stage performance, perhaps you’ll be able to hear them from the milk aisle in Mainsburys!

Jesus May Ball - Tinie Tempah

  • Monday 17th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Written in the Stars’, ‘Pass Out’
  • Where to listen: Jesus Green

Tinie Tempah has become a household name since blowing up in 2010 with hit after hit in collaboration with some of the biggest names in pop. With plenty of space to dance to your heart’s content, Jesus Green provides the ideal setting to hear the hits from the Jesus Main Stage.

Trinity May Ball - Ella Eyre

  • Monday 17th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Came Here for Love’, ‘Just Got Paid’, ‘Waiting All Night’
  • Where to listen: The Backs
Jesus Green provides the ideal setting to hear Jesus May Ball's headliner, Tinie TempahPatrik Hamberg / WikiMedia commons (resized) /

This star-studded night brings another exciting act to Cambridge; if Tinie Tempah isn’t quite your scene, Ella Eyre is sure to impress with her upbeat hits. The inevitable pop masterclass can be heard from the backs, at the intersection of Queen’s Road and Garret Hostel Lane.

St John’s College - Example

  • Tuesday 18th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Kickstarts’, ‘Changed the Way You Kiss Me’
  • Where to listen: Orgasm Bridge

With bangers which would not be out of place at a classic Revs night out, Example brings dance anthems and infectious beats. To catch this performance, the bridge on Garret Hostel Lane provides a prime spot. Of course, there’s always the option with the rivalling neighbour colleges to listen from the opposition’s side but I daren’t suggest it for fear I’ll be thrown in the Cam.

St Catherine’s College - Young T & Bugsey

  • Thursday 20th June
  • Notable songs: ‘Strike a Pose’, ‘Don’t Rush’
  • Where to listen: King’s Lane


Mountain View

How to bag a May Ball headliner

Never has a dodgy alley sounded so good. Naturally, King’s Parade may be the more obvious location to hear the Nottingham rap duo but its lesser-known offshoot is that little bit closer to the hip-hop and trap-inspired sound.

So, if you’re disappointed to be missing one of your favourite artists this May Week, have no fear. It can be just as much fun running through the streets of Cambridge, chasing the music with your friends. Fairy godmothers are overrated anyway.