Liv’s Literary Ladies looks at different women in literature, analysing their characters and speculating about their music tastesOlivia Little with permission for Varsity

In the age of digital streaming, radio is not the most conventional way of consuming music. With personalised algorithms, music consumption has become a familiar, individualised practice. Once in a while, it’s important to escape this bubble. One of the best ways to do this is through our very own, student-led station Cam FM. With its focus on Cambridge and ARU student voices and local musicians, Cam FM has broadened my musical horizons more than Spotify’s algorithm could ever do. The ability to interact with hosts live allows for a more fulfilling listening experience. However, it can be overwhelming to find a show that suits you. So, here’s a guide to some of the best Cam FM shows this term and whether they’re made for you.

For an easy-listening experience

Good Vibes: Wednesdays, 9-10pm

An indie, pop and rock show that could be listened to in a car or at a party, Good Vibes offers chart hits and underrated bops that are perfect for people who want music that makes them feel good. Having featured exclusive interviews with viral musicians like Mark Ambor and student musician TXZZ, the show promises even more exciting discussions later this term.

“Cam FM has broadened my musical horizons more than Spotify’s algorithm could ever do”

Tangled Headphones: Sundays, 6-7pm

Tangled Headphones explores a blend of genres, eras and moods through an oddly specific theme each week to help anyone with an eclectic music taste find something unexpected. Each week, host Elspeth selects a poem that is perfect to digest alongside the music while listeners can participate by sharing their recommendations in line with the theme.

The Hazy Hour: Mondays, 1-2pm

The Hazy Hour curates a selection of songs that are mysterious and subversive. Those wanting to explore music through an unconventional lens will love its unique segment exploring linguistic features through song and occasional special 30-minute episodes discussing topics ranging from “The Bengali Language Movement Through Music” to “Nostalgia and Video Game Music”.

For those who know what they want

Desi Beats: Thursdays 1-2pm

This hub for amazing South Asian music, from Bollywood hits to Kollywood classics, gives South Asian students a place to come together through music and feel that they’re being heard and represented on student radio. Later this term, listeners can enjoy an exclusive interview followed by a special tribute show.

“Mapa Del Mundo transports you across the world through an hour of music”

The Weird Show with Weird Pink (and also Alex Read): Fridays 6-7pm

The Weird Show brings you the latest underground electronic music with a touch of playful chaos! With highlights including a two-hour interview special with the Sucker Punch Collective and a first-anniversary interview with Cyazon, this show is ideal for anyone interested in learning about developments in modern electronic music around the globe – whether you’re already an aficionado or completely new to the scene (or perhaps people who enjoy the ironic use of Comic Sans and old WordArt).

On Melancholy Hill: Fridays, 8-9pm

Providing a selection of rock/alternative/metal music, both known tunes and hidden gems, On Melancholy Hill offers highlights including an exclusive interview and live performance with up-and-coming cover star PhDeath. Anybody who enjoys learning the stories behind the artists and songs featured or chatting about rock music will find something in this show.

For those who don’t know what they want

Mapa Del Mundo: Saturdays, 5-6pm

Mapa Del Mundo transports you across the world through an hour of music, showcasing groovy tunes from countries outside the Anglosphere and some fun facts along the way. The bonds that music can create were beautifully demonstrated in a comment from a listener called Sue, who was listening in a Tesco car park and shared a heart-warming message about how she and her husband connected through world beat.

Georgeous Music: Thursdays, 3-4pm


Mountain View

How the Nyan Cat theme is getting me through exam term

Providing an eclectic mix of music from Sudanese jazz to Northern Irish punk, host George brings an entertaining personality to the airwaves. A funny moment was when George complained about how unreliable Eduroam is and someone high up in developing the network turned out to be listening and made a complaint to Cam FM.

Liv’s Literary Ladies: Mondays, 4-5pm

Liv’s Literary Ladies is the perfect mix of gossip and music, each week focusing on a different woman in literature, analysing her character and speculating about her music tastes, from Katniss Everdeen to Emma Woodhouse! The show has organised great interviews including playwright Nadia Lines’ discussion of her adapted play, The Book of Margery Kempe, and returning to her girlhood through music.

So, add these shows to your weekly schedule, broaden your musical sphere and support your fellow student radio stars this term!