KAYTRANADA performing in 2016Flickr / Julio Enriquez (https://flic.kr/p/N49ZQH)

Turn on the Lights again.. (feat. Future) - Fred again.. and Swedish House Mafia

Georgie Atkinson

As a Soundcloud sleuth, Fred again..’s mix aired on Rinse FM in November 2020 has been a necessary soundtrack to accompany an existential crisis. Therefore, you can understand my delight when Fred again.. announced that one of the tracks buried in this mix would be released as a single. It is perhaps hard to imagine this track first being mixed while the DJ was waiting in a Wetherspoons in Liverpool as this single’s use of breaks and heavy bass to enthral the listener is one of complete mastery

“This track is one which is clearly demonstrates the wizardry of Fred again”

The opening sample of Future telling us to ‘turn on the lights’ is punctuated by the drone of a hypnotic bass which heightens the senses. Fred’s use of the syncopation of a hi-hat and snare further urges the listener to give themselves completely over to the sound being created. The Balham-born DJ continues to build the track to a point of reflection where the track seems to ascend into the stratosphere. Although, you are brought crashing back to earth with the drop of heavy bass at 3:40. It could be argued that the final finessing of the single from the New York trio Swedish House Mafia is not entirely apparent, and perhaps a nod towards the art of subtle collaboration.

YouTube / Fred again. .

The release of this single has been the compromise for the delay in the release of Fred’s third album, Actual Life 3. Although on this occasion I think we can forgive Fred as this track is one which is clearly demonstrates the wizardry of Fred again.. and his ability in being able to seamlessly blend Hip-Hop, House and DnB, to create a dance anthem.

Twin Flame - KAYTRANADA and Anderson .Paak

Georgie Atkinson

On seeing ‘Twin Flame’ ft Anderson .Paak suggested on my preferred streaming platform, there was naturally a twinge of excitement and curiosity. Having been in the crowd for one of KAYTRANADA’s dates at the Brixton Academy in June, I can say that the record producer undeniably has an ability to completely captivate his audience with his imaginative style of funk. Building upon their collaborative single of ‘GLOWED UP’, featured on KAYTRANADA’s 2016 album 99.9%, ‘Twin Flame’ is a revival of this distinct sonic pairing. The opening beat is unmistakeably the sound of KAYTRANADA, while being both reticent of his 2021 single ‘Intimidated’ (feat. H.E.R.) and a continuation of a new more commercially funkier sound.


The music video for this single, also directed by .Paak attempts to reinforce the atmosphere of KAYTRANADA’s live performances. However, the flashing imagery combined with a black-and-white filter results in the final imagery being a little jarring to watch and seems in juxtaposition to the ambience initially created by the single.

“The soothing and seductive lyrics carry this single”

Confidence is indeed the name of the game with this release, as the strong bass line and instrumental work is paired with the sultry tone of Anderson .Paak perhaps distracts the listener from an ever-so-slightly underwhelming track. The soothing and seductive lyrics carry this single, but I couldn’t help but being left bereft and wanting more from this duo.

Unlike their previous collaboration, I fear this track may be consigned to ambient music dubbed over montages of couples on their honeymoon. It could be argued that I am holding KAYTRANADA to a higher standard than is necessary. However, I cannot help but feel that the flame that once burnt rather bright has been diminished by a desire to produce a commercial single.

How Much Do You Love Me? – Vulfmon and Jacob Jeffries

Daniel Hilton

Vulfpeck fans are often left eagerly waiting for new music to be released as they try to decipher the messages of band leader Jack Stratton (appearing here under the pseudonym Vulfmon) who has made a habit of dropping new tracks randomly and with little warning – this new set of releases is no exception.

YouTube / Vulfpeck

‘How Much Do You Love Me’ has Stratton written all over it, with hallmarks of his eccentricity and silliness eminent in the music, only being amplified by Jacob Jeffries’ ‘unique’ singing and perhaps not-so unique set of lyrics. While these lyrics are somewhat basic with the chorus of ′How much do you love me? / Tell me in a song / How much do you love me? / There’s no right or wrong’ being not the most impressive poetry, they still lie within the overall ‘Vulf philosophy’ and emphasise the fun the duo had recording this track.


Mountain View

Music, joy, and Vulfpeck

Where the lyrics slack, the general musicianship really shines: the keyboard part carries the track and brings the funk while the vocal track blissfully and freely bounces on top and ties everything together. However, I feel that one of the most interesting parts of this track is its minimalism. Stratton is quite famous for his love of ‘minimalist funk’ and this track epitomises it with there being very few unnecessary embellishments nor even a complicated drum part – instead Stratton plays a hi-hat with his foot while playing the piano. Overall, ‘How Much Do You Love Me’ is perhaps Stratton at his most ‘Vulfy’ as the track exudes a sense of fun and joy (you can even hear Jeffries laugh in the middle) that’s contagious and funky all at once.