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Stuck for something to ease the long hours of revision or fill the study breaks, or maybe just liven up the walk to Mainsburys? The Vulture team has you sorted. We compiled a playlist of the songs we’d all been listening to recently to accompany the Easter Term.

Unsurprisingly, many choices related to the exam season. Clara, our Lifestyle editor, chose Britney’s 'Work Bitch'direct to the point. Other choices function as great revision soundtracks, soulful and relaxing such as 'Is It Any Wonder?' (Durand Jones & The Indications) and my favourite choice 'Love The Things You Do (Pip Millet), chosen by our Fashion editor, Lottie, a distorted funk guitar and smooth vocal providing the perfect revision accompaniment. A different style, yet an equally ideal library soundtrack, Joni Mitchell’s 'A Case of You' was chosen by David, our Film & TV editor, a calming and timeless choice.

Other choices were perfectly suited to a re-energising break from the books, covering a variety of genres. Alex, the Music co-editor chose Kevin Abstract’s 'Baby Boy', which is an essential for every feel-good playlist, its colourful instrumentation demonstrates a fusion of styles, accompanied by a Gambino-esque falsetto vocal. 'Hallelujah' (Joey Purp) pairs a trap beat with old school hip-hop horns, for those Public Enemy fans.

Deputy Vulture Editor Emily’s choice, 'Good as Hell' (Lizzo), is certain to alleviate any stress, a fantastically fun track. Creating the same effect through Indie pop is Coin’s 'I Want It All', Gerline, our Film & TV editor’s choice. Vulture Editor, Miles’ choice 'A Capable Man' (Man & the Echo) is a recent release, providing social commentary and an interesting take on masculinity in 2019.


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Naturally, following the release of Lemonade on Spotify and the Homecoming film, Beyoncé got a double mention. Helen, our Arts editor, chose 'Hold Up', commenting, “I’ve been channelling her anger & indignation into my coursework deadline.” This is one of the many virtues that shine through Beyoncé’s music, an ability to relate to situations outside of her initial intentions. 'Hold Up' has a fantastic transporting effect, for whilst the words come from anger, the music is calming. My choice was also from Lemonade, 'Sorry (Original Demo)'. Released alongside Lemonade, I was instantly looping this song, such a delicate take on the punchy, dynamic original. Not only does it demonstrate an interesting progression in the creative process, but it also functions perfectly on its own. It is atmospheric and emotional, now firmly established as my favourite Beyoncé song.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify now!

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