Here's Varsity's guide to completing Cambridgeruying yang for varsity

Have you reached the end of your exams and realised that you actually haven’t experienced much of the place you’ve been living in for the past 8 months? If you don’t know what to do with yourself now that your workload is easing off and quiet periods are coming to an end, now is the perfect time to drag yourself out of your revision hole and do all of those things you’ve been promising you’d do since moving to uni. I have compiled a comprehensive list of 24 (mostly free and remarkably low-effort) things to do in Cambridge before you travel home for the summer (because what’s more fun than behaving like a tourist?)

Go wild swimming at Grantchester Meadows

If you don’t fancy getting E. Coli from taking a dip in the Cam, then a trip to Grantchester Meadows might be exactly what you’re looking for (bearable temperatures are not guaranteed).

Go swimming at Jesus Green Lido

Another of Cambridge’s swimming staples, Jesus Green Lido is a great alternative for those who don’t fancy going for a dip in the wild.

“Visit the botanic gardens. Warning: NSFHF (Not Safe for Hay Fever)”

Go for a walk around Grantchester Village

Never fear - it’s still possible to escape to the countryside whilst still staying warm and dry if swimming isn’t your thing.

Watch the sunrise at Castle Hill

Definitely worth braving the early morning (or late night?) for.

Visit the Botanic Gardens

Warning: NSFHF (Not Safe for Hay Fever)

Visit Ely

Whether it’s a 15 minute train journey or a 19 mile walk, Ely is the perfect place to go and escape the Cambridge bubble for a day.

Go and see CUFC play

Even if you (like me) know absolutely nothing about football, it can still be really fun to go and show some community spirit and cheer on the U’s at the Cledara.

Go for a picnic on Jesus Green

Are you dying to know what Jesus Green is like when it’s not full of drunken students on C-Sunday? Now’s your chance, so break out the picnic blankets and the Tesco meal deals, and go crazy!

“How can you say you’ve been punting until you’ve actually steered your friends all the way down the Cam?”

Go punting

And I don’t mean just sitting back and letting someone else do the work: how can you say you’ve been punting until you’ve actually had the satisfaction of successfully steering your friends all the way down the Cam?

Go and see the permanent collection at the Fitzwilliam

Never had time to explore the Fitzwilliam’s permanent collection in much depth? There are no excuses to not be experiencing culture in Cambridge once May Week hits.

See some student theatre

There are SO many shows being performed in Week 7 and May Week. From Much Ado about Nothing to My Fair Lady, check out Camdram to see what your options are for the end of this term.

Listen to some student music

If you’ve never been to see a performance at West Road or one of the college chapels, now’s your chance (it’s also the perfect opportunity to go and see St John’s Voices’ final performance on 21st June before they are disbanded).

Volunteer/do something for charity

There are plenty of local causes that you could give up some of your free time for this Easter. You could even continue to do so next year: Cambridge Community Kitchen provides volunteer opportunities that can be done both remotely and in person, and Cambridge Student Community Action provides volunteering opportunities that fit in with student lifestyles.

Try one of the weird flavours at Jack’s

Marmite or mayonnaise might even turn out to be one of your new favourites!

Go for brunch at another college


Mountain View

You’ll take the high road and I’ll tackle Mill Road

No matter how some colleges (I’m looking at you, Jesus) try to deter us, the tradition lives on.

Go for a drink at a college bar that isn’t your own

If you want to know which one is the best, a comprehensive ranking is on its way. Watch this space…

Write a Crushbridge

Now is the perfect time to confess your undying love to that person you’ve been making eyes with across the lecture hall all term.

Sneak into a May Ball

I feel like this is a Cambridge rite of passage (just don’t mention my name if you get caught…)