"What could be more romantic than a nice amble into the countryside, arm in arm with your beloved before a delightful picnic by the river?"Eden Keily-Thurstain

Exam term is tough. Cambridge University, I’m sure, would like to continue to position itself as a monastic institution, where a simple life of pious dedication to academics is fulfilling enough on its own. However, for those of us mere mortals in need of some respite, exam term may prove a perfect time to dabble in the deeply romantic realm of Tinder, Hinge, or other disappointing dating apps. For those in relationships, your Easter term quality time doesn’t need to be confined to a sad couple’s trip to the library. Take this guide as an ode to the best and brightest of Cambridge’s date spots.

“If you’re willing to ignore the slightly concerning sewage statistics, you could even take a dip in the Cam with your date”

Thanh Binh

If you’re headed to Thanh Binh, congratulations. You’re clearly properly loved up and off for a classy anniversary meal, gazing into each other’s eyes over the Phở Bò soup. Nestled alongside the cute shops of Magdalene Street, Thanh Binh is delicious, but a little on the pricey side. Luckily, it’s BYOB so you can pick up a bottle of Sainsbury’s House White, take off the label, and pass it off as being from Cambridge Wine Merchants. Be warned: Than Binh is a strict no-first-date zone, as for some reason, they choose to not play music. No silence is more deafening than the silence shared between two irredeemably incompatible people, desperately trying to make eye contact with the waiter just so they can talk to someone.


In the wise words of Lily Allen in her song LDN: “I believe that it’s called al fresco”. What could be more romantic than a nice amble into the countryside, arm in arm with your beloved before a delightful picnic by the river? Sure, you might get caked in mud, or looked on disapprovingly by local dog walkers, but you can show your date that you are super outdoorsy and adventurous by walking for 20 minutes out of the city centre. If the temperature is not too arctic and you’re willing to ignore the slightly concerning sewage statistics, you could even take a dip in the Cam with your date. Just please don’t swallow too much water as they might not find it hugely sexy when you’re spewing it back up in front of them.

“Evensong is the underdog of Cambridge’s date spot offerings”

College Gyp

If you’re at the ‘meet the friends’ stage and want to do that in the worst way possible, there’s no better method than during a college gyp dinner date. Your adorable couples’ cooking vision might be somewhat challenged when you’re pressed against their housemate in a tiny gyp, as they make some anaemic-looking chicken and rice for ‘bulking season’. Once you’ve been intimately acquainted with your date’s friends and their cooking habits, you can get on with crafting your artisan meal for two. Aim for something that is a step up from pesto pasta, but still achievable in a space akin to a glorified cupboard, before you escalate the romantic atmosphere even further by sitting on their bedroom floor to eat.


A window arrangement of days past, sadly now lostEden Keily-Thurstain

My friend, who is basically a walking advertisement for Maurizio’s, sums the restaurant up as “chaotic but cosy”, which is exactly why it is so excellent. Maurizio’s is sadly no longer home to the terrifying shop mannequins which were carefully arranged in the window as if they were sharing a meal, but it doesn’t seem to have dulled its charm. The restaurant has an incredibly friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and no shortage of inspirational quotes in the toilets, which might be needed if your date is going particularly downhill.



Mountain View

Blind date: ‘I saw her baby name list by accident and Patricia was at the top’

I have friends, who, despite not being religious, are huge proponents of an Evensong date. Maybe its the pretty choral music, or an attempt to create the religious guilt-infused tension of Fleabag, but Evensong is the underdog of Cambridge’s date spot offerings. The main drawback of this date is that there’s not much of an opportunity for talking throughout, or even talking about the music afterwards unless you’re very high brow or in a choir yourself. However, if this is the case, then your date will likely also be in the same choir as you, so you’ll have no chance to impress them.

Cambridge Picture House

If you’ve found yourself in Cambridge Picture House, chances are your date is a certified ‘softboi’ (gender-neutral term—pretentiousness doesn’t discriminate). Bonus points if you’re about to watch a film in a language that neither of you speak and you can’t bring popcorn in case the crunching is ‘distracting’. Luckily, the Picture House’s proximity to Spoons means you can visit beforehand and drink enough so that you don’t notice that the 1940s black and white French Arthouse film you’re watching is really bad. Insults aside, a cinema date will (hopefully) leave you with something to talk about afterwards, and the Picture House is definitely a lot cosier and less cursed than the Vue in the Grafton Centre, so take what you can get.