"Market lunch is one of my absolute favourite Cambridge treats"Hannah Castle for Varsity

Fancy a quick lunch between study sessions, or a healthy smoothie to revitalize you on your trek to 'Mainsbury's'? The Lifestyle team recommend their favourite food and drink stalls at Cambridge Market.

Jianbing - Charmaine

When I’m homesick and can’t be bothered to cook, I head to the jianbing stall across the road from M&S. Jianbing is a classic, northern Chinese breakfast: crepes filled with egg, your protein of choice, scallions, hoisin, crispy wonton, and lettuce. It also comes with hot sauce. I get extra hot, but I’ve been told that their medium is quite spicy. If you have room, also get their liang mian: wheat noodles tossed in a tahini sauce.

Africfood - Charmaine

Charming, lovely, and always eager to chat to students, Sugar also serves a solid array of Nigerian food every day. I usually get the veggie mix - jollof rice, stewed yams, plantains, braised beans, and chilli sauce - but other people have recommended her goat and spinach stew.

“Fresh, wok-fried, Southeast Asian food is really hard to beat”

Malaysian - Charmaine

This is a real favourite of Cambridge. At peak lunch hours, the line extends halfway down their section of the market. And for good reason - fresh, wok-fried, Southeast Asian food is really hard to beat. Come bearing cash, and get the nasi lemak: Malaysia’s national dish of pandan and coconut rice, sambal, fried eggs, and protein. My supervisor also tells me that if you wait until they close and ask nicely, they can fry up a whole fish for you.

Produce - Charmaine

Shop seasonally! Not only is it better for the environment, but excellent produce is grown around Cambridgeshire - perfect for your weekly grocery haul. A couple of different stalls sell fruit and veg, so have a wander. Current favourite purchases are artichokes, purple kale, beetroots, oyster mushrooms, parsnips, leeks, and squash. Flowers are also cheap at the moment.

Merguez - Rosina


Mountain View

Reclaiming food after heartbreak

Market lunch is one of my absolute favourite Cambridge treats, but sometimes the task of choosing what you want to eat when you get there can seem impossible. For me, the magical solution to these decision-making difficulties is the Merguez stall - it never disappoints! I find that the lamb merguez wrap with the full selection of spiced and pickled sides is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re taking a much-needed break from work, recovering from a big night, or having a little celebration.

Gyros - Nadya

A classic, traditional Greek dish, the gyros from market square are a guaranteed success. Made with meat on the inside and elegantly served in a pita bread — complemented by tomato, feta cheese, potatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce— the dish is both authentic and affordable, making it a perfect student choice!

Smoothies - Nadya

The fruit and juice stand boasts a wonderful array of refreshing and delicious smoothies — an ideal complement to the warm summer days ahead of us! I would highly recommend the mango and passion fruit smoothie, its sweet and tropical flavour is not one to be missed.

“I’d argue it’s by far one of the best food spots in Cambridge”

Bird Thai Noodle Bar - Emaan

I’ve been here so many times now that I’ve forgotten it was only at the beginning of Lent that a fellow editor brought me here. Boasting a range of authentic Thai food, I’d argue it’s by far one of the best food spots in Cambridge – and, better yet, is also great value for money.

King of Wraps - Emaan

Another affordable spot, with some of the most lovely people working behind the stall. Whether you’re getting the falafel wrap, the halloumi wrap, or the chicken harissa wrap – you can’t go wrong. Better yet, the stall has a loyalty card scheme, like most coffee shops, which gets you a free wrap every once in a while...