The Lifestyle Team Lent 2022Original photos, collage by Nadya Miryanova

A new year and a new term have brought with them a new Varsity Lifestyle team. We’re very excited about what the section will bring this Lent term: from advice, to travel, home-cooking, and reviews of college bars, we’ve got you covered and are here to help you make the most out of your time in Cambridge. Before we begin all that, we thought you might like to meet the people behind who’ll be providing that content.

The Lifestyle Editors

Original photos, collage by Nadya Miryanova

Nadya Miryanova is a third year student studying French and Latin (joint MML and Classics) at Homerton College and is currently on her year abroad in Paris. She spends her free time reading niche classical poetry, obsessing over Duolingo’s tiktok, and eating a worrying number of baguettes.

Charmaine Au-Yeung is a Master’s student studying World History. This means that she watches the Bill Wurtz’ video history of the entire world, i guess a lot (you could probably make a religion out of that).

Rosina Griffiths is studying an MPhil in Classics at Murray Edwards College. She likes singing, black cats, and wearing funky earrings and boots. She can usually be found drinking Earl Grey and hoping that someone will ask her about an obscure female character in Greek or Roman literature.


Original photos, collage by Nadya Miryanova

When he isn’t drinking in bars across the university, Sam Stern studies History at Robinson College.

Emily Sullivan is a second year Classicist at Robinson. She is never seen without an iced latte or bubble tea in hand and ten tabs of online clothes shops open on her screen.

Mahvish Malik is studying English at Murray Edwards. She’s part of the minority of people who are a fan of the 24-hour exam setup, not because it gives her time to write less garbage, but because it means she can bake brownies and crochet instead of having a breakdown over the blank page in front of her. You can often find her in the kitchen procrastinating her degree, or in Jack’s, regularly depleting their supply of honeycomb ice cream.

Staff & AskVulture Writers

Original photos, collage by Nadya Miryanova

Jasmine Hearn studies Theology, goes to Murray Edwards, and was born in the year of the dragon. She has a playlist specifically for building enough mental energy to go into Sidge. She believes that in 2022, hash browns, time outdoors, and gold jewellery are in, and that hangovers and stressing about work are getting left in 2021.

Ceci Browning is Cambridge’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw. She likes men who look like a young Hugh Grant. She dislikes shoes which hurt her feet.


Mountain View

From the Lifestyle team, with love

Mimaansa Ghildiyal is a postgrad Archaeological Scientist at Hughes Hall. She lives in oversized jumpers, enjoys drinking negronis and is always down for a game of uno. She’s also got a bad habit of buying new books before finishing the ones waiting to be read at home.