Check out the Fitzwilliam Museum for a variety of events

With term about to begin, there are more things to think about than exams. Check out our list of cultural activities to take your mind off work and enjoy what Cambridge has to offer!


Fitzwilliam Museum, 18th May:

The Fitzwilliam Museum is opening its doors with an exhibition as relevant as ever: ‘Human Touch’, exploring the theme ‘making art, leaving traces’. From 18th May, you can visit the art curated by Elenor Ling and Suzanne Reynolds, focused on the centrality of touch in our cultural sphere.

Kettle’s Yard, Ongoing Online Events

Kettle’s Yard is staying online for now, with some fantastic events available (check out for all events). On 29th April, 13th March and 3rd June you can attend the event series ‘Grassroots: Artmaking and Political Struggle’, concerning itself with ‘art, activism and political organising in Britain during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s’.

From the official reopening date of 19th May, Kettle’s Yard cafe and galleries will reopen, free with a booked ticket. The ‘Alfred Wallis Rediscovered’ exhibition will be extended until 20th June, a must-see if you are missing seeing the sea.

Gallerie V

A new gallery is opening on St John’s Street at the end of May, and they are looking for contributions from young artists! Whether you want to get your art out there, or see up-and-coming artists, it will be something to keep an eye on.


Tilda Butterworth

Get creative from your room and write for one of Cambridge’s many zines (or mark the date for one of the launch parties at the end of term!)

Although the dates for Notes’ exam term edition Footnotes have yet to be released, that just means there is plenty of time to get brainstorming. BAIT will be announcing a theme and opening submissions in mid-Easter term. The Cambridge Cult’s submission deadline is the 27th of May (theme to be revealed soon).


  • 12th May: Footlights, Growing Pains – ADC Online (Week 2)

An hour of sketch comedy looking at the freaky foibles of growth and change, family dynamics and sourdough starters.

  • 23rd May: Public House 4 – The Town and Gown Theatre (Week 4)

Public House is the annual performance by the Old Vag Club, focusing on anonymous testimonies of sexual assault and harassment from Cambridge students and alumni.

  • 24th May: Permanent Marker – Corpus Playroom (Week 4)

A student-written, one-person play, this original creation explores the effect of trauma and an imperfect memory. CN: sexual assault, rape, disassociation

  • Thu 27th May 2021 - Sat 29th May 2021: The Passion – Corpus Playroom

An original piece of student writing, The Passion looks at the reconciliation of an ex-couple at university over a single afternoon, and the darker motives behind it.

  • Sat 19th June 2021: CUMTS Gala Night 2021: A Wild, Wild Party (Week 7)

For one night only, CUMTS brings you an evening of pure musical theatre decadence, accompanied by a full orchestra and performing all the classics of musical theatre.

  • May Week, 22.06-26.06: Little Shop of Horrors – ADC Theatre

Round off your Cambridge term with this classic dark humour musical about a Mean Green Mother From Outer Space.

ADC Theatre pop-up (date to be confirmed)


Mountain View

Spring Reading List

Receiving the Cultural Recovery Fund has allowed the ADC to put on a pop-up venue outside of the Fitzwilliam Museum this summer. Students from the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University will direct and perform.

Cambridge Shorts, 21st June to 22nd June

With The Round Church as a venue, the Cambridge Shorts are putting on their annual showcase of the best student short film makers. Addressing social issues and showcasing the artistry of cinematography, these films are bound to impress.