Meet the AskVulture team for Lent 2021! Term is going to look a little different this year, but the team are ready as ever to answer any and all questions about Cambridge and beyond. The link to our anonymous submission form is at the end of the article.

Rowena Field

I’m Rowena, and I’m a second-year Classicist. I’m super excited to be working on AskVulture this term, and will try my best to give some helpful advice, no matter how big or small your issue might seem. Terms are hard enough already without them being done from the confines of your bedroom - I really want this platform to be a support network that you always feel you can reach out to! :)

Bob Hewis

Hey everyone! My name’s Bob, I’m a second-year historian at King’s, and I’m super thrilled to be on the AskVulture team this term. I’m a huge fan of all things light and joyous: from Oscar Wilde to Spanish-language dramas, drag to musical theatre, if it’s camp and kitschy, I’m in! But don’t worry, I’m not ‘on’ all the time; I also very much appreciate my me time, regularly practicing meditation and loving nothing more than cosying down with a hot chocolate. Although I like to think I could tackle any issue, I’m particularly looking forward to answering any questions you might have about LGBTQ+ life at Cambridge, mental health, or finding self-confidence, since these are all things that I have had to navigate myself! With both my light-hearted wit and my level head, I’m hoping that as part of your AskVulture team I can become your go-to friend when you need a helping hand and a reassuring smile. Whether you need a good chuckle or a good cry to get yourself back in the driver’s seat, I’m here to solve your problems with a smile. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Judy Zhang

I’m Judy, an economics student from Robinson College. With a broad interest in music and arts, I’m always willing to try new things. By now I can find my way around 10 different instruments! I have been keeping my diary for years and I’m always here to listen to and help with your stories. I wish to help you find the escape from the labyrinthine difficulties you might feel you face, to reveal the hidden (or maybe, not so hidden) happy moments in your lives.

Amber Hyams


Mountain View

New Year with the Varsity Team

Hello! I’m Amber and I’m a second year studying English at Caius. You can catch me in a bath drinking Pukka tea or a bottle of rosé and making bad life choices so that you don’t have to! If you want to ask anything emotional or relationship-related (friends/romance/other) then I would love to hear from you and hopefully we can work out the madness together.


Please note that if your submission gets selected, we will be publishing it as part of an article on Varsity Lifestyle – possibly with some edits for clarity.