Soupy posts regular Instagram posts reviewing different soups Emily Lawson-Todd for Varsity

Soupycamb needs no introduction. Skyrocketing to fame with their affable reviews of Cambridge’s best (and worst) soups, and becoming 2024’s 2nd biggest BNOC, Soupy has won the hearts of many. In a one of a kind opportunity, I got to find out more about the person behind the persona.

Why soup?

Why not soup?

Number of soups had since starting the account?

I used to have a soup every day during Michaelmas, and once I made the account I felt like I had to produce soupy content every day. In Michaelmas I definitely had concerning amounts of soup. But in Lent I took it down a notch and relaxed. I can’t be certain how many soups I’ve had but it’s probably close to the amount of posts I’ve made on my account, so around 90?

What led you to start an Instagram account dedicated to soups in Cambridge?

“I sought out the cheapest ‘meal’ I could find at college”

As an international student, I didn’t move here with any pots, pans, or any sort of kitchenware, and it was getting expensive to use Deliveroo for my meals. So, I sought out the cheapest “meal” I could find at college, which turned out to be soup for pretty much a pound. I started having soup every day for the first couple of weeks, so my flatmate suggested that I create an account to document the soups that I have – and here we are. Despite my really aggressive marketing tactics (sorry for spamming everyone’s follow requests), I never actually expected the account to grow this big, so I am really grateful and appreciative.

Top 3 best soups of all time?

This is so tough, but I think the best soups have to be the homemade ones that I’ve featured on my account. I generally also tend to enjoy a chunkier soup. I’d say the best soups I’ve had were the ‘Marry Me’ soup that a group of the sweetest girls at Downing made for me in their “commune” – they call it that, not me. Last term, I also made a chicken-vegetable soup with my friend Maelle, who runs @thebestchristschefs, and that was really fun to make. Thirdly, it would definitely be the Thai hot and sour soup that @stewsdayz invited me over to sample. That was so amazing, and they were also the funniest group as well (please invite me back for more soup). On a college level, I’d say the best soups generally are from Newnham (their croutons are so good!!) and Lucy Cavendish – which no one really expects but trust me, it MIGHT actually be the best. Jesus also has some really great soups.

Thoughts on other rating Cambridge accounts?

“My friends generally just call me Soupy instead of my actual name now”

The people that run these accounts are definitely cooler than me. The people I’ve met have been really funny and lovely – no bad things to say.

Worst soup you’ve ever had?

I’m so sorry but definitely the mushroom soup at Queens. It was so vile and gave me a stomach ache. I look forward to their redemption arc.

What is your go-to place for soups in Cambridge?

It mostly depends on where I am most of the time, and that has tended to be the Homerton buttery, but I do like to change it up every day. It’s been a nice social thing to get soup with friends from different colleges. This allows me to catch up with people I might not usually have the excuse to see so often, while also being able to try out different soups around Cambridge.

How many people are involved in running the account?

Just one Soupy.

How does it feel to be a Cambridge BNOC?

It definitely felt surreal. I didn’t think so many people would think to vote for a non-person so I really do appreciate it and feel very lucky. The only thing that feels significantly different is that my friends generally just call me Soupy instead of my actual name now.

On the 29th of February 2024 the world was shocked to see ice cream being posted on @soupycamb. What’s your explanation for this?

I was offered free Jack’s Gelato in exchange for promoting their Varsity game. I have no real excuse. Cambridge was feeling extra rough that week. I thought it might also be fun to diversify into other food genres… I was mistaken.


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Have you always enjoyed soup?

No, growing up I didn’t really like soup. I didn’t even enjoy soup that much when I started this account. But I think having different soups every day has conditioned me to appreciate the meal a lot more. The social aspect of having a soup is definitely the best part though.

Do you ever worry that one day you’ll wake up and not like the taste of soup?

Not anymore. I love soup.

If you could tell the students of Cambridge one thing, what would it be?

Stay soupy!!