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Cambridge’s obsession with Facebook needs no encouragement, and yet there’s something nostalgic about the days when people would unironically update their relationship status on the app. Whisking you back to those days of yore, Varsity’s Film and TV team has compiled a list of recommendations for almost every situation. Whether you’re single, married or in an open relationship, there’s no excuse not to spend your Valentine’s in front of the TV.

Single - Legally Blonde

If you spent Valentine’s Day on a date with your dissertation, you are legally required to watch Legally Blonde. Celebrating independence, self-improvement and privileging intellectual and professional achievements over romantic attachments, the forever-iconic Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is an inspiration to single people everywhere.

Engaged - Mamma Mia!

Centred around Sophie’s (Amanda Seyfried) looming nuptials, Mamma Mia! merges all the joy of an engagement with appropriately fabulous ABBA tunes. A bachelorette party featuring a live rendition of ‘Super Trooper’ from the mother of the bride and a choreographed jig to ‘Voulez-Vous’ performed by all your wedding guests are the kind of engagement shenanigans one can only dream of.

Married - Catastrophe

Only a TV show like Catastrophe can represent marriage in all its excruciating, intimate detailYouTube (Channel 4 Entertainment)

Only a television series could devote the time and space needed to accurately represent a marriage in all its excruciating, intimate detail. Dramedy series Catastrophe follows a marriage born out of an unexpected pregnancy following a casual hookup. Presenting the trials and triumphs of married life in ways that are difficult to stomach yet touching to witness, Catastrophe showcases a realistic form of love that requires constant effort and is far from perfect, but is beautiful all the same.

It’s complicated – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

After a painful break-up, Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) undergo a procedure to remove the other from their memories. While receiving the treatment, Joel relives their relationship and realises he wants to keep both the treasured and tormenting memories of his former partner. Post-erasure, Joe and Clementine are strangers with no recollection of their history. Yet, once again, they are inexplicably drawn to one other and the loop of love and heartache continues. It’s complicated indeed!

In an open relationship – Open House: The Great Sex Experiment (Channel 4)

Open House creates space for raw and honest conversations about intimacy, jealousy and self-confidenceYouTube (Channel 4 Entertainment)

Whether you identify as polyamorous, curious, or just love chaotic reality TV, Open House: The Great Sex Experiment has a lot to offer. Couples keen to experiment with open relationships and polyamorous dynamics are packed off to a stunning countryside mansion under the supervision of sex and intimacy psychologist Dr Lori Beth. They set their boundaries before being sent to mingle and experiment with the ‘sexually liberated’ residents of the mansion. Results and romances certainly vary, but the show creates space for raw and honest conversations about intimacy, jealousy and self-confidence.

Widowed – Up

Grab some tissues: It’s time to rewatch Up. With its heartbreaking opening sequence, accompanied by Michael Giacchino’s gorgeous score, Up is one of Pixar’s most poignant animations. A little childhood nostalgia never goes amiss, even on Valentine’s Day. So, kick your feet up and enjoy this story of birds, balloons and boy scouts.

Separated – 500 Days of Summer


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It’s natural to expect that a romantic film featuring a male and female lead will end with a blissful union where love conquers all. But the pairing in 500 Days of Summer get their happy ending precisely in separation. The ultimate break-up movie, 500 Days of Summer forces its delusional protagonist Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to realise that the woman who doesn’t and never wanted to be with him is, in fact, not his soulmate.

In a partnership – The Birdcage

The synopsis “Nathan Lane, Robin Williams and Christine Baranski in a gay comedy of errors” should be enough to entice you towards this cosy Valentine’s Day watch, but if not, rest assured that The Birdcage also skewers homophobic political hypocrisy. It’s a deft comedy with an incredible reserve of kindness: Lane and Williams as the Goldmans are just as deeply in love as they are in trouble. Mike Nichols at his Miami neon-sign best.