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Need a breath in between Cambridge’s array of Halloween-themed club nights? Tired of searching for a costume that’s both sexy and original? Don’t want to hear a mashup of ABBA and the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Sunday Lola’s? Then take a look at some of the best spooky picks that Film and TV has to offer and indulge in a Halloween at home.

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

Woke culture and modern friendships mixed with a deadly night

An A24 production to smash it out of the park. Halina Reijn’s comedy-horror is hilariously self-aware, balanced by the occasional injection of gore. A group of obnoxious high school graduates get together to throw a storm party and play ‘Bodies, Bodies, Bodies’. One of them is marked as the killer and the rest have to avoid being murdered. The game takes a nasty turn when one friend is found to be well and truly dead. Looking for an exploration of woke culture and modern friendships mixed with a deadly night? Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is your answer.

Eden Lake

Before Jack O’Connell took on his iconic role as Cook in Skins, he portrayed another teenage delinquent in this noughties horror-thriller. Though this time O’Connell’s character might get your heart racing for a different reason. When a young couple escape for a weekend trip to the countryside, they find themselves embroiled in the antics of a group of young local teens. It quickly becomes sadistic. Eden Lake has since been given the title of a ‘hoodie-horror’, taking youth-gang culture to its extreme. It’s one of those rare horror films that is scary without resorting to tired stereotypes.


One of the best plot twists horror has to offer

Jordan Peele has changed the game of horror. In an America where murderous doppelgängers suddenly appear across the country, Us follows the Wilson family trying to escape their families’ clones. Peele’s talent brings a tasteful intensity to this spooky genre, ending with one of the best plot twists horror has to offer. Thought-provoking and nail-biting, it’s the kind of film that gets better with every watch. A modern classic.

The Watcher

New to Netflix this month, The Watcher has already climbed to the top spot on the ‘Most Watched’ list. I promise you will triple-check your locks and crack out your night light after checking this series out. The Watcher follows a picture-perfect family as they settle into their dream house in American suburbia. Some things are too good to be true. Their new home comes with an unexpected guest. In an atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and delusion, the lines between what is real and what is not become blurry.



Mountain View

Movies that will make you want to go back to university

Ti West’s slasher flick, with its star-studded cast, is one of the best horror films made in recent years. Set at the tail end of the 1970s, X follows a small group of amateur porn artists and their filmmaker to a farm for their next shoot. The couple owning the farm become increasingly odd and tensions rise. What was a weekend of potential for the budding youth of the post-sexual revolution ends in bloodshed. It’s not one to be missed.