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Forget Rumboogie - on this peaceful Wednesday night I turned to the perfect movie. The Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey feature: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Even better than watching a movie about writing an article is writing an article while watching the movie. So here I am, sharing the inner workings of my mind and giving you the 42 thoughts I had while watching this classic. 

1. I wish movies still had credits in the beginning. 

2. I love Kate Hudson.

3. She’s a journalist. Just like me…

4. She writes silly little articles. Just like me…

5. The office for Composure magazine is immaculate: well decorated, everyone is friends, clothes are flying around the place. I want to work there. 

6. Chopsticks as a hair accessory was the biggest crime of the Y2K era. 

7. I love Mathew McConaughey. 

8. Stop making fun of magazines Ben. You literally work in advertising. 

9. Why is this girl crying about a week-long relationship? Sure being dumped isn’t fun, but how did you get that attached after 7 days?

10. Ah, she’s insane.

11. This meeting looks so fun. Can I pitch something? ‘Who will use Michelle’s personal life as a story?’ I will. 

12. The fact Andie volunteered is quite admirable. A silly little article to avoid someone else exploiting her friend’s misery in the wrong way.

13. Ben is not wrong making a bet that he can make any woman fall in love with him. Look at that face. 

14. He is so stupid. 

15. They both think they’re so sly. 

16. She’s such a cool girl. Hot and likes basketball? Every man’s dream.

17. I love this song

18. Ha. She’s evil for making him get her a drink during the final minute of the game. Girlboss. 

19. Fight, fight, fight. 

20. Men are simple. 

21. Yes. Yassify that apartment. Transform that bachelor pad into a pink, frilly mess Andie.

22. I love this song

23. She named his penis PRINCESS SOPHIA.

24. I know this is for an article but I’m getting second-hand embarrassment. Andie, stop. 

25. How did she get his mum’s number?

26. Don’t fall for it Ben. I bet she got tickets to a theatre show, not the Knicks. 

27. Oh no. Céline Dion. Maybe that’s worse. 

28. Saturday is no longer for the boys.

29. His family is so nice.

30. I love this game.

31. He’s teaching her to ride his motorbike. This is so cute.

32. Why are they cute all of a sudden? Did he forget about all the crazy things she did? 

33. THE yellow dress.

34. The look of love. This is going to be heartbreaking. 

35. ‘She loves me’. STOP.

36. This is not going to end well.


Mountain View

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37. I LOVE this song

38. ‘You can’t lose something you never had’. STOP.

39. Don’t quit. Don’t quit. 

40. She quit. 

41. He ran after her. 

42. What a beautiful ending.