Not everyone opts to maintain their weekday fashion on the weekend.Annia Krzoska

Many students choose not to change their fashion choices purely in the name of weekend brunch. Sidgwick Site fashion finds its expression within colleges, as humanities students can often be seen in their everyday outfits; the Selwyn brunch tables are filled with sundresses, scarves and floral blouses. A wardrobe is a wardrobe, and style does not always mean discomfort. A maxi skirt and a loose blouse can be just as (if not more) comfortable than leisurewear. Likewise, STEM students can often be seen in similar outfits to their weekday selections – joggers and fleeces are common sights, as are graphic t-shirts and jeans.

Casting a brief eye over the Sunday brunch tables shows a unification between STEM and humanities students. Not everyone opts to maintain their weekday fashion on the weekend, however. Some choose to dress down, whereas others pick out some of their best outfits for brunch. “It depends on how hungover I am” seems to be the common argument.

“It is the end of the week, and comfort sometimes has to take precedence over style”

College stash pervades the brunch halls, with wheel-covered “St Catharine’s College” fleeces covering the tables at Catz and green “Queens’” fleeces decorating the Queens’ hall. Leggings and sports uniforms are common sights around the 10.30-11am mark in most colleges, either for their comfort or because Saturday and Sunday are prime times for sporting societies to schedule matches or outings. Rowers can frequently be seen in their one-pieces, even if they are sometimes not very committed to the sport. Stash sportswear has the benefit of expressing college pride and building a comfortable, stretchy outfit. Matching jogging bottoms and shirts decorate the hall as easily as the portraits on the wall, taking little time to don but still conveying a casual sense of comfort. Some students may change out of their sportswear later in the day, but it certainly works for college brunch.

Between the sportswear and sundresses, the “dressed down” students make their appearance. It is the end of the week, and comfort sometimes has to take precedence over style. Some students may show up to brunch still in their pyjamas. As long as there are no tourists taking pictures through the college gate, there is no harm in choosing comfort when you eat your morning eggs. Last year, Vogue argued that the cotton shirt-boxer short combo was a must-buy summer outfit. Some trends, like this one, have longevity.

“Layers of jewellery, waistcoats, and elaborate dresses with petticoats are everywhere”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some students use the weekend to prioritise accessorization. For these students, morning lectures and long library days are the time to dress comfortably, and weekends are for dressing your best. Layers of jewellery, waistcoats, and elaborate dresses with petticoats are everywhere. These students share many elements with the everyday “Sidge girls”, but they actively choose to wear their best outfits outside of the lecture site (unless they are planning a visit to a faculty library after brunch, of course).


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Choir scholars also form part of the buttery fashion scene. Their styles embody the intersection between Sunday best and casual comfort. In the words of a first year choir scholar, post-Eucharist fashion is “basically pyjamas, with a gown on top.” Formal gowns are part of chapel dress code for many colleges, particularly for the choir, but there are no direct rules for what must be worn beneath. Brunch tables begin to look like inverted formals, with the gown dressing up their otherwise dressed down fashion. They may change later in the day, but Eucharist begins early; comfort is surely deserved after waking up before 10am on a Sunday.

The beauty of brunch fashion is that there is no prescription on what should be worn. Whether you are an athlete, choir scholar, a lover of accessories, or would prefer to keep your everyday outfits intact, there will always be another upon the runway of the brunch tables who shares an element of your style.