The kryptonite of every sad library dweller is best accompanied by a pair of excessively fluffy earmuffsEden Keily-Thurstain

A new year is upon us, meaning a new term and new opportunities to strut your stuff in Cambridge’s most popular haunts. Here’s a compilation of some must-wears for Lent term 2023 based on your location of choice.

Jack’s Gelato

Every Cambridge student knows that Jack’s Gelato is a suitable haunt all year round. Your ice-cream habits don’t need to be restricted exclusively for the summer months; it’s the ideal treat even in the throes of a bleak January evening. The kryptonite of every sad library dweller (dark chocolate and sea salt ice cream) is best accompanied by a pair of excessively fluffy earmuffs to counteract the seasonal unsuitability of your snack of choice. Earmuffs are plentiful in most charity shops but if you get grossed out by an accessory that has caressed someone else’s ears we understand. Matching fingerless gloves would certainly complete the look - especially if you’re trying to prevent your hands from freezing off whilst holding a literal frozen block in grim January conditions. But be warned: they also run the risk of getting very sticky.

King’s parade

If the world is your catwalk, then King’s Parade is the final of America’s Next Top Model. Everyone knows that it is a great embarrassment to see or be seen on King’s Parade without a suitably long trench coat, preferably vintage. However, why not go one step further? The greatest King’s Parade strutters have their coats graze the cobblestones beneath them. To ensure ultimate gravitas on your trip to Caffé Nero, your coat should be so long that it is practically a train. Get some friends to solemnly walk behind you in the style of bridesmaids and groomsmen for ultimate drama. People might not get it, but they’ll certainly notice you.


It’s perhaps a cliché at this point that the skinny scarf is the Sidgwick accessory of choice. It’s time to switch things up this Lent term and opt for an oversized scrunchie as your go-to. For the more athletic amongst us, a fluffy one will provide all the 90s sporty vibes that you desire, or at least embody the essence of Britney (to celebrate her newfound freedom). There are also some very cool crochet versions that you can pick up from small brands and Depop. Make sure you are absolutely the first to do this, so you can feel smug when everyone else starts to follow in your footsteps.

West Hub

Doubtlessly, the universal motif of the STEM boy is their trusty trainers. Did you know that the floor of the West Hub is never cleaned, and that the rubber from all the trainers acts as free polish? West Hub fashion fans would do well to acknowledge this important part of STEM culture with some Salomon trainers, which expertly tow the line between fashion and Superdry-chic.


Mountain View

Back to School with Varsity Fashion

Castle Mound

Hopeless romantics tout Castle Mound as the ultimate “I know a place” spot. After all, what could be more romantic than standing in the mud with your Hinge date, watching the sun set with everyone else also on their Hinge dates? Most Cambridge students know that Castle Mound (lovingly referred to by some as “the nipple”) is an absolute no-go zone on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re braving the amorous crowds then a pair of ribbons will be your ultimate accessory. Donned at the bottom of plaits or as a choker, ribbons give the ultimate romance factor and might help you forget where you are. Ribbon can be picked up affordably anywhere that sells stationary, or if your parents are anything like mine, they probably saved it all after Christmas to reuse next year, so raid your cupboards at home.

Literally anywhere (you’re never safe from Oshuclips)

Anyone who, in a low moment, likes to listen to “Lofi beats to study/relax to” or “Podcast: Manifesting your dream life” while walking around Cambridge knows the visceral fear of bumping into Oshu and having to come up with a really cool lie about what you’re listening to. While you’re considering what you can possibly come up with, you might as well look cool with some vintage tech-style over-ear headphones. You might not win any points with the masses when you blurt out “Animal crossing soundtrack with rain sounds, 10-hour version!”, but at least you’ll look fashionable.