Lily adds a blazer to her summer look; this photo was taken in a chilling 18 degrees!Lily Kemp

It's Shoulder Season (September-early October). Summer weather is rapidly slipping away, as are our summer wardrobes. This year we’ve seen another rise in low-waisted mini skirts, Birkenstock sandals and white dresses: all three appear impractical for the cold we're about to endure. However, you may not be ready to let go of your summer finds just yet. Here’s how you can adapt your summer garms to suit this shoulder season.

Style 1: The long white dress and blazer combination

Like me, you may not be ready to retire your white dress for the winter. But we live in the Northern Hemisphere and it will be cold and dark by 5 O’clock soon. I saw this look all over Copenhagen this summer; it’s definitely one I'll be stealing this September. 

Style 2: Socks and sandals chic 

Controversial. There are ways to make this look acceptable without looking like you left your sensible shoes at home. Namely, invest in your sock draw (you’ll thank me in December). 

Knit designs from Thunders Love

I think statement socks match the sock and sandal look. Experiment with textures, colours and patterns eg you could add a fluffy or a striped. My girlfriend likes these cool, quirky and original knitted socks from Thunder’s Love. It’s a Spanish independent brand, but you can get them from British retailers listed by Trouva

Style 3: The addition of a skinny scarf 

A skinny scarf in a Cambridge small business (reputable public house), warm and stylishEvie Hinchliff

My Mum always goes on about catching a chill from open necklines and bare shoulders. No, she’s not a Victorian, but she does have a point about how young people ignore the weather for the sake of style (style over substance always). However, you don’t have to compromise the beauty of your Y2K silk cami when you add a skinny scarf into the midst. You could even add mismatching Olivia Rodrigo-Style fingerless gloves into the mix for extra warmth. Mum would be proud. 

Style 4: Boots 

No- not the 2014 Chelsea Boots that you pair with skinny jeans. Last year we saw Cowboy Boots making a comeback, this year I have an inkling about heeled mid-calf boots (hopefully with a square toe). Think Andy in The Devil Wears Prada.

Vintage boots found from a retailer

I’ll be wearing these with mini skirts, under flared/bootcut jeans or with a party dress. Boots most definitely are back. 

Style 5: Put on a jumper

Lastly, the easiest, the most obvious. I opt for knitwear rather than sweatshirts but each to their own. You can find vintage jumpers on Depop, Vinted and Ebay. The most expensive being Depop, best choice and price being Vinted. Ebay may actually be a waste of time unless you can find a specific brand that you’re interested in. 

If you’re looking to buy knitwear on Vinted, the results can be overwhelming. Narrow your search down; search the type of knit you’d like eg Cable or Aran. The material is key too: If you’re looking to invest, get a pure wool one (no acrylic). 

Layering using knitwear is an autumnal essential

To source any items listed above, have a look at Amy Reid’s exceptional guide to shopping vintage. I hope these minor adjustments to your summer wardrobe bring you as much joy as possible this shoulder season. Happy Adapting!