Lady Ottoline Morrell, portrayed in the film 'Wittgenstein', is feathered and dressed up, even when sitting in bedTWITTER @KKASIMIIRA

Once again, the shadow of Covid hangs over our head, threatening the possibility of yet another lockdown. So, while we’re still running wild and free, I suggest we make the most of the New Year’s and take this opportunity to celebrate life as much as we can. Go out to dinner, grab drinks, go clubbing - live life like there is no tomorrow! All this is well, but yes, I do already hear you wondering. What are we going to wear? Now that we have spent two years in loungewear and college stash, the idea of putting together an outfit sounds like Sisyphus’ impossible mission.

Katy Perry in her Moschino chandelier dress at the 2019 'Camp: Notes on Fashion' Met GalaTWITTER @LUKASPERRY

In life, I only have one motto: If there is an occasion to dress, overdress. I came up with it myself - genius, right? But be careful, overdressing does not mean wearing every possible piece of clothing you own. It is an art. No one, for example, should have to suffer the sight of Emily in Paris’ tactlessly overdressed outfits. I might just have a heart attack if I see berets combined with biker mittens again. Overdressing is about being exquisitely extra without being ridiculous, we don’t want you to look like Katy Perry’s chandelier dress at the 2019 Met Gala. It's a difficult balance to strike, so don't worry, this is why I'm here. Now get those sparkles and feathers out of your wardrobe and let’s get to it!

“In life, I only have one motto: If there is an occasion to dress, overdress”

The number one principle to follow for every one of your outings this year is to coordinate. Coordinate with your friends, with the location, or with the theme of the night. There is nothing more ridiculous than disparity. Do not stand out for the wrong reasons. So, anticipate. Pamper yourself and coordinate outfits at your mate’s house just as you did when you were fifteen, bringing your whole wardrobe with you in your school bag. I’ve got three tips for you and your besties on how to assemble the perfect party outfits together.

1. The printed scarf for dinner

A printed scarf can be glamorously tied around the head pre-dinnerTWITTER @CITYLAWNS

Whether you’re on a date or with a friend, the printed silk scarf is an indispensable part of dining. I know what you’re gonna say. Too Margaret Thatcher-y. But think about it for one second – no one is safe from a big fat Bolognese stain (as you’ll have guessed, I talk from experience). And in this case, believe me, you’ll be pretty happy to have your scarf to cover your mistakes. Play with colours and prints to add to your outfit this modern and stainless touch.

2. The ballet flat for an all-night-long

I think we can all agree we’ve seen enough of these Air Forces. It’s time to ditch them for something a bit more … classy, but no less comfortable. Ballet flats are predicted to be the ‘it’ shoe of 2022. So, whether you’re spending the night walking around town or going to a club, put on your ballerinas. You can even start your evening with your heels on, having slipped your flats in your bag. Your feet will thank you on the way back home, and we can all agree that there is nothing like a party girl walking out of the club with her stilettos in hand. Iconic.

3. Match your outfit with your drink: ‘cocktail night with the girls’ edition.

Celebrating New Years? A Birthday? Or just a random Tuesday evening? A night out with the girls is the perfect occasion to get your party outfits out. For a fresh touch, don’t hesitate to match your dress with your cocktail. Drinking a Cosmo? This fuchsia dress worthy of Elle Woods will do the trick. A Blue Lagoon? The silky turquoise silky dress which you last wore on vacation four years ago will make you look as if you just returned from the Maldives. And for that Sangria? Think Andalusia and get that red top and that cleavage out!


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In conclusion, do not be afraid to experiment. Mix fabrics and patterns, feathers with sparkles. Set trends. We’ve all had enough copies of Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday outfit. 2022 is our year to indulge in fashion. It is time to give party outfits a new meaning. You can make anywhere a party if you dress extra all the time. Even Sidgwick’s café is a good enough spot for you to express your sartorial creativity. In or out, at a party or at the library, celebrate each day like it’s New Year’s. Think of it in this way - who needs to get inspiration from a fashion icon when you can be the icon? And don’t forget, if there’s an occasion to dress, overdress. It’s an order.