House of Tory is a brand synonymous with embarrassment, incompetence and timeless lack of honesty. This year we have seen some of the most effortless styles, both practical and stylish. Sunak has been a brilliant accessory for Johnson, making the party almost seem competent with the furlough scheme in 2020. His only mistake, though, was trying to ‘level up’ his position by challenging the PM (a disloyalty Boris would never dream of). And Raab showed us just how manly picking up the phone can be (especially when late) in those iconic photos. But how do our Tory chums strut about in everyday life at the office?


Let’s start with Rishi. Rarely seen without his sleeves rolled up in some attempt to be like the ‘working man’, you could almost forget about his billionaire wife. My favourite shot of Sunak, however, has to be the baking picture. With the classic shirt and Tory blue icing bag in hand, I’m glad he’s finally found a niche he can excel in. Maybe he can include a new job for himself in his new #PlanForJobs.


We can’t forget the football hysteria that hit fashion in politics this summer and who did this best, but none other than the Queen of deportation, Priti Patel herself. Patel donned a white England shirt with her hair down, very much ‘girls just wanna have fun’ style. The smile says it all: yes, Priti, if you’d had your way at least half of this team would be deported. But the three lions crest looks great on you, and you’re just going through your ‘not like other politicians’ phase.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Truss likes to take a more hands on approach and her wardrobe must reflect this. Down at a Yorkshire farm she looks so down-to-earth in her green wellies, blue blazer and gold jewellery. Yes, I’m sure Kate Middleton would be proud of this interpretation of the posh country girl look. The crowning jewel being the very cute calf she is holding lovingly between her arms — ironic as the caption is ‘Yorkshire beef’. Didn’t quite hit the mark there Liz. Better luck next time.

Our lead trendsetter, however, can pull off many a style. One of which is the ‘goofy politician having a kick around with the lads’. Here this beautiful grey suit and matching grey tie really brings out the dull pallor of Boris’ skin, which seems to drip from his overly concerned face. That’s it Boris, give the ball a kick and show ’em whose boss. If you look really closely you can see the worn soles of his shoes, beaten down from all the running from the media. Must be tricky being Boris.


The star of the show is a group shot of Boris, Liz and Scott. Matching in just about every way, from the blue suits to the slightly overgrown drab haircuts, our bumbling trio are winning over the Great British public one thumbs up at a time. You see, if you stick your thumbs up hard enough, slightly grimace and wear all blue, they’ll see how great this trade deal really is. Who needs the EU when you can get a thumbs up from Boris?


Mountain View

The Politics of Style

You see, it’s not that hard to get the look of your idols. All you have to do is put on an ill-fitting navy blue suit, make sure you have some kind of prop that says just how laid-back and down-to-earth you are, and roll up those sleeves. You’ll be working up a sweat from all those photo ops, you hard-working man of the people.