Alongside the return of college brunch and reuniting with friends, finally getting a chance to flaunt your new wardrobe is undoubtedly one of the most exciting elements of the start of the academic year; as students, King’s Parade is our catwalk. Before it inevitably falls apart by week 3, when we all find ourselves unwilling to wear anything but tracksuit bottoms and pyjama tops, we spoke to the Varsity editorial team to find out what item they were most looking forward to wearing in Cambridge this term.

A vintage dress

Nell Burnham, Theatre Editor

I go in for vintage clothes, and this is definitely my favourite non-formal dress. I bought it second hand from Ebay and since then have mended it multiple times, and it just keeps going. It’s also a flex on anyone who says gingers can’t wear red.

Long skirts

Alex Jarvis, Film & TV Editor

I’m the first to admit I’m far from a style icon, but there’s just something about studying on Sidgwick site that gets to you...! My long flared skirts are my go-to pieces. I already began to branch out with long skirts in Lent term, as part of a pact with a few of my Russianist friends (inspired by the Soviet-era fashion icons within the Russian department), and I’m so excited to seek out some more and wear them around Cambridge this term.

A multi-coloured fleece

Rich Bartlett, Editor-in-Chief

I’m looking forward to wearing my multi-coloured quarter zip which was my standard jumper for a night out, as it kept me warm and made me easy to spot in a crowd. Whilst I will no longer be using it for clubbing, it’s the perfect item to put on the see friends during the evening after a solid day of work. I also love wearing it at home, because it reminds me of when I bought it with college friends at a vintage kilo sale in Cambridge.

A velvet hairband

Georgina Buckle, Vulture Editor

Ever since my Granny presented me with her treasured collection of hairbands, they have been a consistent feature of my outfits. Wherever I go, I always bring one of my favourites with me: a velvet, copper-brown headband with golden adornments. It instantly enhances a look with minimal effort, harmonising with other accessories and even my makeup. It adds flair when I go to classes in outfits that I’ve worn countless times, and for a ‘going out’ look (aka: pre-10pm pub trip), the copper colour makes a red lip pop. It’s a small item, but a special one!

Tote bags galore

Isabel Sebode, Vulture Editor

Walk down Sidgwick site or sit in The Locker Café for more than 1 minute and you will come across a wide variety of tote bags – for good reason. The canvas tote bag can vary from your standard Penguin or New Yorker merch to some obscure gallery bag or some other graphic design. Whether you are popping into Mainsbury’s for some pesto, going into a café for a study break, or hypothetically, going to a lecture: the tote bag is your best friend.

A woolen jumpsuit

Hatty Willmoth, Senior Features Editor

I absolutely love this jumpsuit, it’s currently my favourite item of clothing, and I got it second-hand from Depop a few weeks ago. It’s mostly made of wool so it has a fairly sturdy construction, and it cinches me in at the waist (which I LOVE) and then has really long, wide legs - the shape is really fun and kinda extra, and makes me feel like a long-legged goddess. I can’t wait to strut around Sidge in this, or just dance around my room in Queens’.

A beaded jacket

Martha French, Fashion Editor

I just bought this jacket for a fiver (!) as part of a sale at my local vintage shop. It’s got these ridiculous shoulder pads and the most gorgeous bead detailing that gives it such a beautiful - and slightly mad - shape and finish. Admittedly it’s not an item fit for essay crises or Sainsbury’s trips, but fingers crossed I’ll have a chance to wear it at some kind of formal event this term, even if it is via Zoom!

A corduroy shirt

Nick Bartlett, Deputy Features Editor

Tigger was one of my childhood heroes - relentlessly optimistic, goofy and friendly, he was simultaneously a liability and a reassurance in the life of Winnie the Pooh. When I wear my corduroy shirt, adorned with miniature Tiggers across the breast pocket, I am reminded of my own insignificance in the world.

A second-hand Zara dress

Helen Turner-Smyth, Theatre Editor

During lockdown I found a great floral midi dress from Zara on Depop. It’s such a versatile piece – it can be dressed up and down and with trainers or sandals in Summer or with knitwear, tights and boots in Winter. I love the cut and pattern and I’m really excited to bring it with me for Michaelmas!

A knitted jumper with history

Nadya Miryanova, Music Editor

Being one of the youngest in my family, I’m very lucky to receive several hand-me-down items of clothing, some of which have an interesting history. One of my personal favourites is this jumper that my mother knitted when she was at university in Russia, as a present for my great-grandmother. Over the years, it’s been passed down to my grandmother, mother, sister, and finally myself. When I was in Cambridge last year, I wore it on a regular basis, and am looking forward to wearing it once more as the winter months approach!

A leather jacket

Sawen Ali, Senior Opinions Editor

This is an old leather jacket I got from Depop and is a staple of my wardrobe. It makes any outfit feel 100x more ‘bad bitch’ and I feel like everyone at Emma has seen me in it far too much… It also has impeccable Matrix vibes!

A 1980s Blouse

Esmee Wright, Arts Editor

They always say nice white shirt can’t go wrong. A handmade 1980s princess Diana blouse with more ruffles than shirt and a sailor’s collar that I stole from my mother might be slightly more excessive than most people expect, but it is a staple of my wardrobe. My friends have christened this shirt the sad pirate shirt, and it does make me look a bit like a member of Adam and the Ants, but that doesn’t stop me wearing it all the time. It might look excessive, but no one can tell you a good white shirt isn’t appropriate.

A classic pair of sliders

Olivia Emily, Associate Editor

Sliders: the perfect all-rounder. The ideal shoe if you don’t want to catch a verruca from your new shared shower, or if you dread entering your gyp barefooted. Easy to slip on and off when you want to cross your legs in the library. Low commitment if you just want to nip to plodge to collect your post, and look low-maintenance, edgy and care-free whilst doing it. (Disclaimer: not the perfect shoe for rain).

A cropped cardi

Lara Zand, Fashion Editor

I’d be lying if I tried to pass anything off as my Cambridge staple that wasn’t my trusty colour-block cardigan. It’s loud. It’s unapologetic. The fabric is not particularly comfortable. It takes ‘pop of colour’ so far that I struggle to find other clothes it can be matched with. And yet, I can be easily identified in a crowd on a night out by this very garment. Wear over Black Going Out Top for a fail-safe clubbing outfit, or pair with baggy jeans for a Sidgwick lecture look that screams I Put Thought Into This. You can’t go wrong with statement knitwear.