Another week, another street style rundown! This time, Varsity photographer Hassan Raja scouted the grounds of Fitzwilliam College and found some seriously stylish people who were willing to share their fashion expertise to the rest of Cambridge - scroll down to see if your friends are featured (or for some inspiration for your next shopping trip)

Hannah Afrah

Shirt: Thrift shop on Brick Lane

Shoes: Puma

Hassan Raja

Yusuf Uddin

Coat: ASOS

Hassan Raja

Victoria Chris

Windbreaker: Aliexpress

Shoes: Dr Martens

Hassan Raja

Suchir Kohli

Jacket: TKMaxx

Jeans: H&M

Boots: ASOS

Hassan Raja

Randeep Kumar Nag

Sweatshirt: Strawberries & Cream

Shoes: New Balance

Israel Shitta

Shirt: Next


That’s all for this week! Look out for another installment soon.

Hassan Raja

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