As human and machine come together, what barriers will be left in future?Wikimedia commons

A question keeps recurring again and again,
across all cultures and systems of thought:
where’s the core of consciousness in brain –
within the universe or in hands of God?

They told me that God is the answer.I said, no, you created it.Okay, then science is the answer.No, you created it.Ah, then maths is surely the answer.No, you created it.“Uff, seems like I’m caught in myself –what’s the way out of it?”.

Centuries of debates happened
over mind and matter,
philosophers were in trouble
when their ideas were shattered.
Until the night Turing arrived
and imagined a new dawn
of creating computations –
alien intelligence, artificial spawn.

Smart move Saksh, now I am more keen –How’s our brain different from a machine?What’s this secret behind the scene?

Machines are designed with rules to follow.Humans make rules which they hardly follow.‘Human with a machine brain’ is the new theorem –of cyborg vacillating between freedom and decorum.Humans and machines are striking their chords,transmuting into an army of cyborgs:chips in brains, sensors in eyes,to keep track of calories and time

Wow! A cyborg standing on this slippery interface,              what will be more worthy for his solace –
some objective rules or his subjective space?
Looking at history of humanity it seems,
we attach value to our dreams –
Not the parcel delivered to your doorstep,
but the surprise on opening it later.
Not the person you meet on web,
but that magical real encounter.

The world in future will have the economy –not built on some rules, but on our autonomy.The song that you create,the painting that you make,the pun that you crackand the laugh that we all share.An economic structure built on pillars of arts –will set everyone equal on charts.The future where there would beno new rules to makeand no old rules to break.

As we become more algorithmic,
your hearts will strive to stay rhythmic.
Rules will try to feed a dead life in you,
and you’ll yearn for a life in you.
There might be times of depression –
of less free will and maybe possession.
The mantra is:
to breathe and to meditate,
to be able to love and to create.

Saksh! This world is full of excitement and tension.I guess I have found hints to my old question –that part of my consciousness is in the machine,and the valuable part is working behind the scene.


Mountain View

‘I Love You, Wittgenstein’