Leoni Boyle for Varsity

This term at Cambridge is going to look very different with social distancing, mask wearing and reduced contact, but fear not, the Cambridge art scene is ready to welcome you back! Not all the normal places are open, and there are of course restrictions to take note of, but below we’ve compiled a list of places, some well-known and some slightly more novel, for you to explore!

Fitzwilliam Museum

What? The university’s art and antiquities museum which houses a large collection of over half a million artworks dating as far back as 2,500 BC. 

Where? Trumpington Street, just along from the Engineering Department. 

Tickets: A free timed ticket must be booked in advance, which can be done through the museum’s website. Face masks are also required.  

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm 

Sunday and Bank holiday Mondays 12pm–5pm  

The Heong Gallery 

What? A modern and contemporary art gallery which opened in 2016. From the 2nd October, it will be hosting the exhibition ‘Quentin Blake: 40 Women for Downing’ to mark forty years since women were admitted to Downing College. 

Where? Downing College 

Tickets: Admission is free but pre-booking is required which can be done via the gallery’s website. Groups of more than three people are not permitted and face masks must be worn.  

Opening hours: Wednesday–Sunday 12pm–5pm 

Kettle’s Yard

What? Kettle’s Yard comprises of the gallery section, with an exhibition currently on the diverse artistic practices of Linder, artist, musician and feminist of punk and post-punk influence, and ‘The House’, former residence of Jim and Helen Ede, friends and collectors of many artists of the 20th century. It also has a very nice café attached. 

Where? Castle Street, Cambridge (halfway up the hill) 

Tickets: Free, but timed. Tickets can be booked via the gallery website, which gives details on group sizes. Face masks are required and due to its size, no bags or large coats are allowed in the house – either leave them at home or store them behind the desk. 

Opening Hours: Tragically reduced due to Covid, it is thankfully still open 

Monday: Closed 

Tuesday: Closed 

Wednesday: 11am – 5pm 

Thursday: 11am – 5pm 

Friday: 11am – 5pm 

Saturday: 11am – 5pm 

Sunday: 11am – 5pm 

David Parr’s House

What? Available only by virtual tour at the minute, the David Parr is nonetheless a fascinating Cambridge discovery. It was, unsurprisingly, decorated by David Parr. More surprisingly, this wonderful example of the Arts and Crafts movement has been successfully preserved to the current day, and Tasmin and Mike are working on making sure it continues to survive. 

Where? 184/186 Gwydir Street (near Mill Road, and the student favourite café, Hot Numbers) 

Tickets: Keep an eye on the website for reopening information – the website also has much advice on nearby things to do in Cambridge (https://davidparrhouse.org/visit/)