Violets are Blue — Annie and David

In a tale of high hopes and awkward silences, Annie and David share the details of their Violet blind date

Evie Lucas

'I rushed through a psychometric test while putting on makeup to avoid looking like the sleep-deprived raccoon that I am.'Tierney Wait

In Violet's very first blind dates column, we matched Annie and David, sending our gold-tipped arrows their way from Mount Olympus (Read: slightly haphazard emails from Caffè Nero under a glorious stock photo of two men high fiving). After the date, we asked them to answer some questions individually, which we've collated below to quench the nosiness of the masses:

What was your pre-date routine?

Annie: I rushed through a psychometric test while putting on makeup to avoid looking like the sleep-deprived raccoon I am. To sum up, chaotic.

David: Nothing too intensive; we arranged to meet at a mutually convenient location, and walked into town together to grab some drinks and some food.

First impressions in three words (or more, if you prefer...):

Annie: Intelligent, reserved, laidback.

David: I did not stalk my date on Facebook, so I cannot comment except on the first impressions by e-mail exchange and in person. My date had a mild case of Freshers’ Flu and conscientiously kept me informed of this ahead of our plans; fortunately, she felt much better when it came to the arranged time. In-person, she was very pleasant conversation with a good dose of Cambridge student humour thrown in.

Tell us about the awkwardest moment:

Annie: Getting to 2648 (and hyping it up a little), only to discover it was shut on Wednesdays.


Mountain View

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David: Some point mid-way through the date when conversation temporarily dried up. Thankfully, this promptly came to an end.

How would you sum up your date in a song?

Annie: ‘High Hopes’.... definitely a surprisingly lovely date.

David: I don’t know many, if any, songs really so I cannot be too helpful in this regard.

Would you like to see them again?

Annie: Do love a bit of thoughtful, well-paced conversation so... yes.

David: They would certainly make excellent company as a friend. Certainly seems like she has many more good stories to tell!

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