Introducing Violet’s new blind dates column…

Delete all your dating apps and swipe right on Violet: this term, we’re playing matchmaker

Evie Lucas

Violets are Blue Evie Lucas

It’s been a long two years in and out of lockdown, meaning a lot of us have missed out on the surreal world of dating. Maybe you’ve forgotten the sweet awkwardness of meeting a relative stranger for drinks, or you’re sick of spending a Zoom date watching yourself in that, frankly, terrifying little window, instead of engaging with the person on the end of the call.


Mountain View

Violet Tries: Hot Girl Summer

Thankfully, Violet is here to help! We’ve lovingly crafted an end to all your Tinder-woes. This Michaelmas, we’re introducing Violets are Blue, a blind dates column that allows you to sign up to be matched to another (hopefully) lovely student in Cambridge (and we promise we won’t follow you around with a large mirror all evening). The catch is: after your date, we’ll ask you to answer some fun questions for the column (anonymously or otherwise). Or, if you’d prefer, you can send in a more creative piece based on the experience! It’s all down to you.

All you have to do is go to our form here and answer a few light-hearted questions, and we’ll do our best to match you up to another similar, or at least complementary, human. If you’ve ever finished a romantic evening wondering which Teletubby your date would describe you as, or whether they’d let you have the last slice of pizza, then this is for you.