How to find love in 8 weeks or less

Katey Parker shares her advice on making time for romance in a hectic term

Katey Parker

Terms are short and time is tight, so here are a few suggestions to get whatever it is you’re after…

The easiest option for all you lazy lovers out there is College. Maybe you’ll catch each other’s eyes while searching for deliveries in the post room. Or perhaps you’ll trip on one of the cobbles of court, seductively dropping your essay work (is that possible?) and prompting them to help you pick up the dishevelled papers. What could feel more romantic than hands *accidentally* touching?

Alternatively, branch out a little and infiltrate the other colleges. Think of all the possibilities this could offer – you might secure yourself a soulmate AND an elusive ticket to that May Ball you’ve been desperate to go to since your own college ball turned out to be £150 for a burger and one court’s worth of fairground rides.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to be off your face on Sainsbury’s Basics Vodka when you encounter a potential partner. In this case, clubbing is your best bet. After successfully reading a quarter of your reading list, treat yourself to a night out at one of Cambridge’s world class clubs. In events ranging from Glitterbomb to Life, frustrated students from across the university are thrown together, shouting into each other’s ears in the hope of getting some later that night. Potentially not the ideal spot for anything long-term (who knows – prove me wrong!), but at least it broadens your horizons.


Mountain View

In Defence of Cambridge’s Clubbing Scene: A Fresher’s Perspective

That being said, the hectic life of a Cambridge student means, at times, actually venturing out into the real world is unrealistic. In this case, I present to you: dating apps. And it’s not all about getting laid (although if that’s what you’re after then go ahead!) There are, perhaps surprisingly, folk looking for actual relationships. 

My advice: it’s a left swipe if there’s no bio, avoid those with dead chat and, no matter how cute their dog is, don’t let a Labrador rope you into an awkward date. Whether you’re longing for that someone to share your deepest fears with, or merely a convenient hook-up, there’s something for you. Just please don’t start swiping mid-seminar.

And whoever you’re looking for, make sure you communicate what you want and enjoy yourself. Oh, and occasionally show that degree you’re supposed to be doing some attention too.