A fresher’s guide to procrastinating in Cambridge

Everyone procrastinates. Procrastinating by reading this article and looking for more ways to put off work? Look no further.

Serena Smith

Tip number one: never go to the ULLouis Ashworth

Visit your friends’ colleges

Keep telling yourself that ‘you’re at Cambridge, you need to make the most of it and explore as many colleges as possible’ to keep the guilt at bay. Bonus points for visiting a friend’s college for a formal and sacking off a whole evening and morning’s worth of work in exchange for drinking and hanging respectively.

Become a tourist

What’s the phrase? ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’. Everyone’s sick of dodging tourists when you’re just trying to get to a supervision, so why not put off work by becoming one of them? Hit up any combination of the local museums and go for a leisurely walk around King’s to guarantee a whole day of wasted time.

Hit the gym

Make the most of your college’s facilities by visiting the gym. But be careful not to apply this logic to visiting the college library, obviously.

Hit the river

Want hours of your life to be eaten away? Take up rowing to effectively sign off 90% of your time to shivering in the freezing cold on the river. You’ll spend the other 10% talking about the fact that you do rowing.


Nothing relevant to your course, of course. Like this article! There’s nothing like the guilt of reading something trivial when you’ve got a 200-page book left to read for the next day.

Stare at the ceiling wondering how you got in

Nothing better than a huge wallow in impostor syndrome to paralyse you into inaction. Now go back to step 1 and repeat.