Flat earthers round on Market Square

Cambridge University Flat Earth Society distanced themselves from the group

Devarshi Lodhia

200 PROOFS!Jemima Higgins

Flat-earthers took to Market Square yesterday, putting up a display aimed at spreading the word around Cambridge that the Earth is, contrary to scientific consensus, not spherical.

The stand seems to have been inspired by Eric Dubay, a YouTuber, author, and flat-earth theorist known within conspiracy circles for his video ‘200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball (Videobook)’. However there was no suggestion that Dubay himself was involved with yesterday’s action.


A sizable crowd gathered throughout the day to read posters entitled “YOU ARE BEING LIED TO” and “THE GLOBE IS A LIE”.

The display has not gone down well with the the Cambridge University Flat Earth Society, who have sought to distance themselves from yesterday’s action, with a senior member who wishes to remain anonymous telling Violet “we have nothing to do with this.”


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However it appears that the posters made a significant impact, with one member of Varsity’s senior editorial team who also wishes to remain anonymous telling me he too was a supporter of the theory: “The Earth isn’t round like a korfball, there’s just too much proof that it’s flat.”

Flat-Earth theory has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years with a number of prominent figures ranging from rapper B.o.B to current WWE Champion A.J. Styles questioning whether or not the Earth is indeed spherical.