What’s on the cards: Week Four

Violet’s resident tarot reader, Eve Hodgson, looks at what the fourth week of term has in store for you

Eve Hodgson


Tarot is best used as guidance rather than fortune-telling. The cards draw attention to elements in your life that require focus.

The major arcana, cards 0 to 21, represent the major lessons of life in sequence. The minor arcana split into four suits – cups, pentacles, rods (wands), and swords. The suits respectively represent emotions and relationships, physicality and practical matters, action, and intellect.

The reversal of a card flips its meaning, but no card is inherently negative.  The position of each card in a spread represents what it is directing you in.

12 Houses

Eve Hodgson

This spread represents every element of your existence, giving you an overview of your life as it stands. The cards especially emphasise the cups, representing your emotional self – take care this week.

Your self is the Wheel of Fortune. Whether or not you realise it, good things are coming, and you have set them in motion – maybe a boost to your self-esteem after a particularly good supervision or successful night in Cindies.

You value the reversed Sun – vitality, confidence, and success. However, the reversal of the card indicates that fruition may be delayed, or require some extra effort. Don’t let that essay slide! The reversed seven of pentacles similarly indicates that your immediate environment is tinged with disappointment. You need to be more responsible – term is kicking in now, so re-evaluate your priorities!

"Pursue what you’re truly interested in, and be persistent."

The roots of your life in the six of pentacles indicates material wealth and gratification (applicable to a fair few Cambridge students!). The six of cups indicates that you’re relaxed with this past – it’s shedding light on your future. Perhaps Cambridge has led you to check your privilege?

Work-wise, eight of cups indicates a desire for things to change, but a recognition that they won’t – turn to something more fulfilling! Perhaps a new distracting extracurricular, or even a change of subject in more drastic situations.

Your relationships – not just romantic – are a little stilted right now. The message you’re seeking is delayed, or may not arrive, with the person involved perhaps being fickle, or simply not liking you that much. Be careful around new supervisors, and don’t get too involved in trying to impress people.

However, the reversed ace of swords indicates your transformation into a brand-new lifestyle through willpower, although the reversal again indicates delays. Pursue what you’re truly interested in, and be persistent.

‘Higher knowledge’, a slightly vague card, rests in the reversed Queen of Rods. Maybe a DoS, tutor, or supervisor, this powerful woman demands a level of control in return for her support. Be wary of them.


Mountain View

What’s on the cards: Week Three

Your life task in the ten of pentacles indicates a desire for security, especially in the home and family. Homesickness is part and parcel of the university experience, but don’t forget to try and enjoy it.

Your friendships are represented by the Page of Cups, representing excitement, but also apprehension and naivete. You are still new to a group of friends or relationship, but this risk will work out.

The reversed ace of cups indicates some hidden disappointment or delay in romantic affairs – perhaps hidden even to you. This doesn’t mean that what you want will never happen – just that it might take time.