What’s on the cards: Week Two

Violet’s resident tarot reader, Eve Hodgson, looks at what the second week of term has in store for you

Eve Hodgson


Tarot is best used as guidance rather than fortune-telling. The cards draw attention to elements in your life that require focus.

The major arcana, cards 0 to 21, represent the major lessons of life in sequence. The minor arcana split into four suits – cups, pentacles, rods (wands), and swords. Each suit represents, respectively, emotions/relationships, physicality and practical matters, action, and intellect.

The reversal of a card flips its meaning, but no card is inherently negative.  The position of each card in a spread represents what it is directing you in.

Future Love

The reversed two of rods shows that you’re in for a surprise when it comes to the identity of your future partner. The Star represents to new opportunities, crucially from an unexpected source.

However, you must trust life’s processes to allow your relationship to flourish – perhaps it will be a very gradual awakening to somebody already in your life.

Physically, they are the reversed Devil. Whilst this card represents bondage, in the reversed position it indicates a new liberation from old hang-ups– maybe go for someone outside your usual type!

In the same vein, the Page of Swords highlights risk and experimentation in your emotional relationship – early on in term and in your adult life, it’s the perfect time for it!

However, the Empress indicates that your current position, involving lots of nurturing, might hinder you. You might find it stressful entering a new relationship while new university friendships are still blossoming and requiring work.

The Seven of Cups offers more details about how you’ll meet them: you will be picking them as one of many options. It is likely they have been present for a while, and your increasing desire to be grounded draws you to them.

Your Universe

Interestingly, the rods dominate here – the suit of dynamic growth, appropriate for this fast-moving term. You are represented by the five of rods. Life is no longer easy or simple – you’re having to work much harder than over the summer, or term is beginning to get underway.

The Queen of rods shows your goals – social prominence, being a trusted authority and natural leader. Understandably, you want to settle in as a stable and leading presence in a new social group, and impress your new friends.


Mountain View

What’s on the cards: Week One

The eight of swords shows an achievement in directly confronting and overcoming hardship. Exam season was perhaps trying, but you’ve emerged with proof that you can endure, and succeed.

The reversed four of cups throws up a problem – some internal dissatisfaction and a desire to withdraw after an emotionally tumultuous period. Undergoing academic stress or even meeting all these new people is exhausting, so allow yourself to hibernate for now.

Ten of rods is your strength, representing a heavy burden. You can seek help, or put it down. You know your own mind and, after difficulty, know you can cope, but you don’t have to do it alone. There is no shame in getting help.