Striking Cambridge dons dance for their pensions in flash mob video

Academics dabbed in King’s College Hall and danced the funky chicken to raise support for their pensions dispute

Ellie Mullett

Dabbing for their hard-earned doshCambridge UCU/YouTube

Striking academics have taken to the streets of Cambridge to protest through the medium of dance.

The group threw some shapes in King’s College Hall, as well as outside Senate House and the Guildhall. Their stellar routines, featuring the funky chicken, cartwheels and synchronised dabbing, have been filmed and put online to continue spreading awareness of the strikers’ cause.

Striking academics busted moves across CambridgeCambridge UCU

The dancers have certainly seen the funny side of their flash mobbing, with participant Priyamvada Gopal, a lecturer in English and fellow at Churchill College, tweeting that “Cambridge University hastily brings the strike to an end and concedes all demands in exchange for its dons agreeing never to dance in public again”. Fellow dancer and Politics lecturer Justin Pearce said that the routine proved that academics can’t dance. We very much disagree!

The UCU strikes have been ongoing since the 22nd February, and are set to resume in Easter term if no resolution has been reached on the future of staff pensions, which could even result in academics boycotting exam marking.

So, while you might be waiting for a graded degree if you’re a finalist, you might (hopefully) get a few more flash mobs to keep you distracted in the meantime.